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10 Top Transfer Budgets in FMM2016 Preview


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Today I am going to run down which clubs I think will have the highest transfer budgets in Football Manager Mobile 2016, why they will have this and a prediction on the range of their budget. Please note this is all speculation and for fun. If you disagree with this list then comment below why. Thanks.


club_1666.thumb.png.31a6920b6fdd8bc5c39c10. Atletico Madrid (£15-25m)

They didn't win the league last season but Atletico still did a good amount of business. Bringing in Jackson Martinez for £31m, Stefan Savic/Luciano Vietto for £16m each and Felipe Luis for £13m. They are willing to spend the money they bring in and have some left over for extra players.


club_1139.thumb.png.2136c2d9aa148535447f9. Juventus (£15-20m)

Juventus look to secure their Serie A title again after a transfer window of many changes. Following their Champions League final appearance the team has undergone a facelift by bringing in high priced players to cope with the demand in their players from their success in 2014/15. The club is renowned to be well off and this shouldn't change in FMM16 as they should be the highest transfer budget and the best squad in Italy.


club_915.thumb.png.4f1b0e879d4d5ea3a440c8. Bayern Munich (£25-35m)

Bayern Munich didn't really need to sign many players to enhance their squad and they didn't. Two high profile signings has boosted their squad enough to retain the Bundesliga and challenge in Europe. Given the success of the club the additions were a mere indication of what is possible for the Bavarians and if they wanted they could probably spend a lot of cash. They have never really done this though so they are not higher on the list.


club_602.thumb.png.f0c6922f537b0f884f0d17. Arsenal (£30-40m)

Many Arsenal fans were left disappointed at the lack of activity come the close of the window. Signing only one goalkeeper the North London side's fans were expecting more like previous years. Sports Interactive have always factored in money available after transfers into deciding their budgets to make it realistic. With the indication from their Chairman that they have £200m to spend I can imagine that the Football Manager Researchers have given them a healthy budget for you to change your squad with.


club_868.thumb.png.82b67815610b03b4c8de56. Paris Saint-Germain (£30-40m)

Another year, another big PSG signing. Want away midfielder Di Maria was the big attraction this time. As impressive was the ability for the French side to hold onto big names that were linked away. They performed better in Europe in 2014/15 and as such should be boosted financially because of this. In FMH2015 they were hurt by a UEFA sanction but this year no such thing has occurred and they should get a big budget to mimic this.


club_630.thumb.png.38d9121a862bc8a7b2b925. Chelsea (£40-50m)

It is strange when Chelsea have a quiet season of transfers. Normally they are very busy but with only Pedro as a big name signing and a last minute failed bid for John Stones the Premier League Champions were not happy with their recruitments. The £40m+ bid for Stones shows that they have finances to spare for transfers and will help secure them a high budget within FMM2016.


club_680.thumb.png.8c79b659c0d38af4037274. Manchester United (£40-50m)

Louis Van Gaal got the cheque book out several times during the window with Anthony Martial's £36m move the surprising addition to the club. However as one of the World's most marketable brand it is obvious that Manchester United could have spent a lot more if they wanted to. Sports Interactive normally give them a great budget and I anticipate the same in 2016.


club_1708.thumb.png.3a859bd8c74ae3ce0f763. Barcelona (£50-60m)

Barcelona are under a transfer ban until January yet FMM16 probably won't include this. Despite their ban they still signed two players for over £15m. The club are used to making big money transfers so with a relatively quiet window for the Spanish and European Champions they will be hoping for money in FMM2016 to strengthen. They are normally put near the top of lists like this so with a quiet window from the side they are likely to be around there again with obvious cash to spend.


club_679.thumb.png.b4ea30137ee6b48a4af8e2. Manchester City (£55-65m)

It was a huge window for Manchester City. They spent a lot of money in the hope of challenging for the Premier League title again. They were very far adrift last year and signing Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne and Nicolas Otamendi for a combined fee of £126m puts a marker down on their desire to be back at the top. The club were on a UEFA sanction last year which limited spending and were the top transfer budget in FMH2015. It would be no surprise if they are up at the top again, yet with huge spending already done by the club I feel they may be pipped this time.


club_1736.thumb.png.bf98aa4f38b2d60b0e111. Real Madrid (£70-80m)
The World's richest club and one of the highest spenders in modern times. Real Madrid had a pretty muted transfer window compared to past seasons but still spent a good chunk. They hardly dented their budget though and due to this they should have a high budget potentially going past the £50m they had in 2015. Real Madrid were 2nd in this list last year yet have spent £40m less this summer compared to last. They have the financial backing to spend big as previous windows have indicated and this will give them a huge boost when it comes to budget in the FMM2016 game. The Spanish side were the only club I can confidently say will have a large budget in the game and for this reason they are top of the list.

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Agreed with Utd, I remember at 2nd September, David Gill announced they still had quite a lot I the bank account. City a bit exaggerated, they did spend a lot, meaning they had quite some money. But they also wasted/used quite some of it on Sterling,Bruyne,etc. Don't mind but a bit too high there for City, I think 25-35 should have covered it

Their major transfers came to £69m last year and they have £51m and were under UEFA sanctions for over spending. With a new ground and no sanction for over spending I think it is likely they will have a bit more than last year. With everything inflated in the Premier League with TV money too I can imagine all clubs will have a bigger budget than last season. 

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they have?

I believe they gave Madrid £80m once. I think with inflation of players in the last market and the higher budgets used by all English clubs this will knock on to the game.

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Nice work , but I think if transfer ban is not included barca and man u to should be higher than city as they already spent a lot and it is unlikely they would have spent more and they really don't need to.

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What I am very intrigued to see is the championship budgets after the high bids put in during the summer! 9m for Andre Gray being one! 

Will we see an increase on this side 

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While the championship budgets will be very interesting to see , I am more intruiged by the epl budgets , each team deserves a higher budget in the game , 4 or something million is just unacceptable for palace.

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