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Should FMM 16 be made free to play

Hey there , FMM 16 is on its way and I am damn excited about it , it's supposed to bring enhanced tactics and coaches along with an array of new features with it , but today I will discuss something completely different than my earlier articles , today I will talk about whether FMM 16 be made free and what are the pros and cons of it being free to play..

Pros -

FMM 16 will be a big installment for the franchise as it will be the first game under the name FMM 16 following its rebranding by SI . It will make it a big chance for SI to change their business model and become f2p , let's look at its advantages -

  • Less concerns about piracy
  • Game available to a wider audience
  • Chance to earn more money by inserting microtransactions 
  • Chance to introduce ads
  • Getting more feedback due to a wider audience

Okay so these are the advantages that f2p will give to SI , now let's analyse these advantages , With a free release piracy concerns currently haunting the game will be substantially decreased and si could attract whales who spend much more than the average user on the game and earn much more profits then they do now and they can even earn from the cheap audience by showing them ads , and the new added microtransactions which will be much different than the current unlockables available in the game and with a wider audience si will get more feedback and bugs could be decreased quite easily with this.

Cons -

With going f2p there will come many disadvantages , let's discuss them below -

  • Risk of losing the current premium audience
  • Game will lose itsome uniqueness
  • Criticism from the premium audience will follow
  • Less critical acclaim and game will lose its charm
  • Would be competing in a market it's not established in with other f2p managerial simulations such as champ man and top eleven.

So there are many disadvantages to going f2p for SI , such as the game will probably lose its hardcore audience and will lose its premium charm . The game will also be competing in an uncharted market for SI as they have never releasedate a free to play game and with already established markets in the f2p market SI risk losing their profits which they can claim unchallenged in the premium market now.

THE Verdict -

In my opinion making FMM 16 free to play may look good on paper it should not change its business model as the game will lose its charm and it will not get a download from players like me which is almost guaranteed on the current model , so FMM 16 entering the freemium market will be a major risk taken by SI and it's probably not worth it.

Thanks for reading and feel free to voice your opinions in the comment section.

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You'll be begging for a lot more money if the game was F2P. Imagine having to pay a couple of quid for a league, or training, or to play more than a few matches at a time? FMH hasn't got enough it could sell in a F2P market to be worthwhile tbh, it's not like "instant heals" would work in FMH. 

If you were forced to buy leagues and to have a "waiting to play" feature like most F2P games the game would die. 

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I know there are different perspectives, I have done game development at an academic level. However you cannot ignore that Champ Man 16 is the other view, in the same genre and is terrible. This article was surely meant to create some discourse so that is what we are giving. I was going to review Champ Man 16 but I didn't as it was so bad I couldn't find any gameplay positives. If FMM was to go down the same route it would have to adapt the same method of play where you get told to upgrade your facilities but you have to buy it, the game makes you lose more and you have to buy big teams to manage. While I don't mind iAP for unlockables and maybe new leagues actually having the gameplay around making money, for this genre, is just a ridiculous idea and isn't fun. The game feels rigged and therefore loses enjoyment.


As I said, I wasn't knocking the content at all, I was simply contributing to the discussion that it has created. Content isn't just there to be read, it is there to be enjoyed and create discussion.

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This type of article is all about discussion and points of view, unfortunately not many viewers want to express their opinions which is a shame. 

I can't see any positives in the game being F2P, the piracy one is a decent one but people will likely still crack it to get the unlocks. Then you have the fact SI have done wonders in limiting thieves this year, however I do feel they could do more. 

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It's all about covering different perspectives of the topic and look at how it will effect the overall fanbase and in my humble opinion I think f2p will ruin the franchise.

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To change the perspective  a bit - I don't think it should be free to play, but I think it should be available at a reduced price for those who bought FMH15.  I can remember the horror that many people greeted the new match engine. More importantly the stamina bug made the game next to unplayable. I pretty much gave up the game for several months because I was so hacked off with players dropping to ridiculous levels to the extent that it was impossible to play the game with any sort of realistic substitutions or fatigue levels. I can put up with the little bugs, and the annoying quirks like the obsession with indirect free kicks, but the game was released with serious bugs, and SI should have taken more responsibility for it. Ashes, among others was vocal about this. I think for the (probably unhealthy!) amount of time we all get out of it, paying a few quid for it is fair. But so is treating your loyal customers with respect, so I think they should recognise that they released a product that was not up to standard, and compensate the people who had to pay to put up with it. A different issue from f2p, I know, but only slightly.

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Tbh a slight nod to the community would be appreciated but it'll never happen unfortunately. Granted they are a business and need to make money but they never even acknowledged all the issues on release which was frustrating. Part of me hoped a new league would be added to make up for it but that was me just being foolish :p. 

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Should any game become F2P? The answer is no. There is no game that is F2P and isn't completely ruined by that fact, and FMM2016 would be no different. If they chose to do that I'd quit the series for good.

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On 09/10/2015 at 07:21, Risheek said:

por isso, para alguns de nós (não me though?) isso é muito importante. Alguns meninos e meninas aqui no Vibe preciso mendigar seus pais para o jogo

Correct. because I do not have the same fmm 16 ?
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The translation given problem and could not understand . But from my point of view, from that matter, there could be no FMM DEMO ?
(less leagues , only one career saves , and only 10 seasons . After this career , the call option ) Many of my friends saw the FMH 15 and were enchanted . Taking into account that they have 11, how to play this game ? there was only the possibility of being pirated , making the Sega lose money anyway. DEMO one would be the same as the FMM , but in reduced version . Previous editions leave the Play Store , so why not release them ?
Edited by Humberto Junior
Used with Google Translate (all my topics i use it, i read in portuguese equal yours in english)
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