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FMM Magazine Thread

The FMM Magazine


Hey guys, it’s been ages since I posted some content, and today, I bring to you…. The FMM Magazine!

The original idea goes entirely to HalaMadrid who made sure this was brought to you guys, I’m just a volunteer! :P

Now, after FMM Weekly was shut down, he still hadn’t had enough of the every week tabloid-like content ideas, so he talked to me and the member- Hashtag Tatica about this, and hence here comes the first issue of the magazine. I really hope you guys enjoy this!




Now what this magazine will consist of is, all three of us will be posting some content, whether related to FMM/FMH or whether it's real life, you name it. You can ask questions, and we’ll sure as he'll try to answer it, there will be emphasis on real life football, including the team of the week content, the match of the day etc etc.

If anyone is indeed interested in working with us, we’ll also be proud if anyone offers to write a column for us as a guest! That’s right, we all hope to get you all involved in this!





  1. Sweeper or Keeper?




During the release of FMH 2015, SI introduced a new player role - the Sweeper Keeper, which basically is a Manuel Neuer type of goalkeeping role,so without further ado,let's take a look at the description,the benefits and drawbacks and the attributes a sweeper keeper requires .


What is a Sweeper Keeper?

The Sweeper Keeper combines the role of a Sweeper and a basic Goalkeeper.Whenever there is danger arriving outside the box,he would attempt to clear it away or pass it to his defenders,usually a sweeper keeper would stay outside the box when not being threathened and would like to receive the ball at his feet constantly,thus having to withstand immense pressure and taking a lot of risks,so this a role very few keepers can master.


The Benefits

  • Keepers Will Distribute The Ball More Confidently

  • Counter Attacks Can Be Started More Quickly From The Keeper

  • More Men Can Join The Attack Upfield

  • Technically Gifted Keepers Can Affect The Entire Outcome Of The Game


The Drawbacks

  • Playing A Keeper As A Sweeper Keeper Is Very Dangerous

  • If A Keeper Makes A Mistake When Passing It Will Most Certainly Lead To A Goal


The Attributes Needed



As you can see from the image above the essential attributes needed for a good Sweeper Keeper is Agility, Handling, Kicking, Reflexes, Positioning & Pace as they need to be agile and quick to race out their box to clear the ball from danger and race back in again.




The Question Of The Week

In this section the Magazine team will answer a question submitted by a Viber,and I'll pick the best question and answer it for you,if nobody submits questions I'll pick the most frequently asked questions on the site whether it will be about the game or other issues.

Submit questions by sending through a private message to me.


Q: What is the Offside Trap and how do I use it?


Understanding The Offside Trap



What is the Offside Trap?

The Offside Trap is a strategy you can apply to your defenders to catch opposition attackers offside by moving as one unit up the pitch at the same pace before a pass is made.


What Attributes do my Defenders need?

To perfectly master this,you need cohesive defenders with good teamwork,movement and positioning as they need to time their runs precisely or risk conceding goals.


How do I use the Offside Trap?

The Offside Trap is most suitable for defensive teams when playing against attacking teams who would get more men forward.Due to this,the trap can catch players offside if executed correctly.So,the offside trap is very useful if you're defending a lead or holding for a draw.However,get it wrong and it's a disaster as your defenders leave a large space unguarded for attackers to get a 1-on-1 chance against the goalkeeper and 90% will score.


Halamadrid says: Don't use the offside trap if you're a strong team,cause you'll tend to attack more.


DSW says: I’ve always used the offside trap, no matter the teams, for a rather unorthodox approach is always the better when in complex situations.



Every week, there will be player-based articles, whether they’re beasts on FMH or based on their real-life performances, and this week, we have a rather special Spanish lad!


Nolito: No-Little threat? : By DSW




Barcelona has been in some sort of turmoil this season, although results have been good, shocking losses, and poor defending have left them  exposed in both attack and defense. And major thanks to their transfer ban, they’ve been with the same squad for almost two years now, having to promote youth club players such as Sandro and Munir for necessary backup. As the ban seeks its end in Jan 2016, Barca have definitely identified crucial targets to boost their squad completely.


Nolito, a former Barca youth player, now playing for Celta, had been identified as the perfect player who fit into La Masia’s system perfectly, however, Celta look to have held a strict hold over him and have denied to have held any talks.


He’s made a dazzling start to the season and has been one of the reasons for Celta’s delightful form in La Liga. He’s 29  now, well into his peak years, and Barca looks to make sure he plays his best years for them.


In LA Liga:

In the league, he’s scored five goals and made 3 assists in only seven appearances! That betters class players such as Diego Costa, Messi etc!


His style of play:

Nolito, plays on the left wing/inside forward and makes darting runs towards approaching right backs, like the inside forward, he cuts inside the flanks and then makes threats to the defense. He’s good at long balls and loves to dribble with full speed.


Stat count:

1.       He’s hit 4.4 shots per game.

2.       He’s won a sensational 4 MOTM awards in the seven matches he’s played this season!

3.       Whilst amazing with the ball on his feet, he’s only managed 0.6 aerials, but that’s understandable considering he’s 172 cm.

4.       His passing is decent as well, with a 69% of his overall passes being successful.




He’s amazing in his dribbling, passing, be it through balls, key passes, or whether it be crosses. You name it, He’s also good at taking set-pieces.


As with all attacking players, he too lacks the defensive contribution expected of a player, he isn’t the strongest at winning aerial duels, but he compensates that with his good technique.


Now that we’ve learned all about him, about his start to the seasons, his strengths and weaknesses, do you think he’s a threat that the defenders in Spain should be worried about? Should Barca go for the playmaker/winger ?

What do you guys think?

(All info,stats obtained from WhoScored.com – Thanks)





Match Of The Week Prediction


I(halamadrid) will be doing this prediction on the biggest match of every week.How does it work?I would pick a match and play as either team and skip until the match between them(corresponding to the venue of the game)and simulate it 10 times then based on a certain type of calculation I can be able to predict the scoreline and the outcome of the entire game,hopefully.


The Game- Tottenham vs Liverpool



Match 1



Match 2



Match 3



Match 4



Match 5



Match 6



Match 7



Match 8



Match 9



Match 10



Tottenham Wins - 3

Draws - 3

Liverpool Wins - 4

Goals For - 14/15

Goals Against - 15/14


Some Stats

  • Erik Lamela is the top scorer out of all these matches for Spurs with 6 goals,Sterling is Liverpool's top scorer with 4

  • Spurs have 12.1 shots per game while Liverpool have 11.2

  • Spurs dominates every game with an average possesion of 54.6%


Spurs have lost all of their previous 5 meetings against Liverpool,the only time they had lost 6 consecutive league games against the same opponents were when they faced Newcastle in 2006-08.After the arrival of Juergen Klopp,Liverpool fans will see him lead the Reds for the first time today at White Hart Lane,which is a tough position for him to be at as he has only arrived.One thing we be assured of in this game is that this game is serving as one hell of a night for everyone and epic events will be happening at both ends of the field.



For every match of the week,our three editors(DSW,halamadrid & Hashtag Tatica) will be giving their verdicts on the match and there will be a leaderboard along the way for the sole thrill and excitement for everyone.


Halamadrid:TOT 2-0 LIV

   Eriksen & Lamela



Eriksen Free-Kick,Kane & Lamela



Hashtag: TOT 2-1 LIV

  Eriksen & Lamela

  Can header


Correct Scoreline - 5 points

Correct Result - 2 points

Correct Scorer - 1 point per  scorer              




Will You Try This Team?

In this article, we'll be showcasing different characteristics of a team, the club might be famous, or pretty poor, but believe me, it'll be a great fun to play with and worth your time.


Chelsea - Russian Riches: By Hashtag


Jose Mourinho’s great management have brought Chelsea success over two manages, but will you follow his success and lead Chelsea to glory?

Are you planning to use Chelsea on FMM 2016 or FMH 2015? Then go and check them out down below!



In my opinion there are 5 key players in this Chelsea team and I’m going to list it out for you right now.

Thibaut Courtois


As you can see the 22 year old Belgian goalkeeper has some great stats for a goalie like him, with 19 reflexes, 18 aerial and 6 of the crucial stats in the greens, he is a great keeper and definitely one that can’t be sold.

Kurt Zouma


The FIFA legend in FIFA 13 got a well-deserved transfer to a big club last season, but everyone’s question was, can he do it? Yes he can, and it is well reflected in his stats, get his attacking stats out of calculation and all stats of his are above 13, which are insane, with low wages to start off with (40,000), and only 19, he has got a very good potential for the future.

Cesc Fabregas


Remember him playing up top for Barca? I certainly do, and that meant that he can play ST(C) in game! Of course his best position would be a a M(C) position, with some all round stats, all stats are above 10, and a very wide spread of blues and greens makes him look like such a godly player to use, one of my personal favourite M(C) in game which always gets 20 assists at least.

Eden Hazard


The Belgian Magician who played outstandingly last season and is already an absolute dream to buy on FMH only at 23, in FMM, he will have about 19 or 20 dribbling, movement and Creativity which will be the best, the lad who can play in the Left, Centre and the Right.

Diego Costa


Instead of WOWing of all rounded amazing stats, let’s focus on the main stats, 20 shooting, 19 aggression (LOL!), 19 movement and 17 dribbling makes him a natural goalscorer in game, and he normally benefits from all of the Hazard and Fabregas assists aforementioned and a great poacher.




The Finances of Chelsea are absolutely awesome, with 49,000,000 in the budget and 2,329,000, which is really good, and you can buy some really good players in the spots to improve, like a new Defender that would be an improvement to John Terry in the game considering the age.




Some great wonderkids from Chelsea are starting to blossom, and I’m really excited to play with some of these in the new FMM game, I’ll list out 3 wonderkids in this team.



The new transfer to Chelsea have already played a few games for Chelsea and his attributes suggest that he would be a great player for the club in the future, keeping the Brazilian would be absolutely incredible for the club.

Bertrand Traore


The Burkinabe Attacker is a very good player already with some good stats already and he’s a player for the foreseeable future, with his wage and an already great ability, he’s a must use for the club.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek


Only 18 years old, the holding midfielder looks like a really good future replacement for Frank Lampard, already a decent ability in the English lad, he’s a homegrown talent and he will be a great edition to the squad, in the future he will be amazing.




Theme: Spain

What's up guys and today I'm bringing you guys the FMM Quiz! Before FMM is out I'm going to do this on FMH! This week I'm bringing you the Spanish Theme! Hope you enjoy! 5 questions, let's go!!!


1. Which Spanish Striker who's got 4 green stats, worth 8-10 million and his contract expires within 2019?

2. Which Spanish Midfielder is on the decline and will make a great coach for FMM 2016?

3. Which Spanish Defender can play D(C,R) who has got some amazing stats on FMH and has rejected a move to a English club this summer?

4. Which Spanish Midfielder who is a player in the Serie A/BPL? (Depending If Update Or Not)

5. Which Guardiola signing was from a Top 4 Italian Club?




Top 10


Today This Top 10 will be around Portugese Players! Hope you enjoy!

10. Nani

A great winger for Portugese and Fernabace, a great player as well for Fmm, and I really like the look of him because of his skill.

9. Danny

Danny have been a good player during his career, and his stats reflect that, although his age, he is still a really good player and a player I love.

8.Joao Moutinho

2 orange stats that's not important and others are blue or more. Awesome player for Ligue 1 and a all rounded midfielder.

7. Bernardo Silva

A great player of the youth team AND he looks like a great player of potential for the future in game. Great Player.

6. Ivan Cavelero

What a player! Amazing winger that's all rounded like Kevin Volland and from my experience he adds the perfect depth to any team.

5. William Carvalho

A great defensive midfielder thats amazing for the future at only 22 and I've been amazed with this guy's defensive skills.

4. Fabio Coentrao

A great wingback on loan at Monaco and a great player, seem like that Monaco are building a Portugese army here.

3. Pepe

Amazing central defender which will be replaced by Varane but still a great backup, can be bought at a decent price.

2. Andre Gomes

Amazing CM who is good for.the future as well, I've used Valencia this year and he was awesome on IT.

1. C. Ronaldo

Do I need explaining? The obviously no.1 here in this list as he's one of the best Portugese in game and real life, approaching his 30s but the amazing stats covers it.



So, that's it for today! We hope you all enjoyed the first issue.

Throw in comments, tell us where we can improve, provide suggestions!

Thanks a lot, and we'l see you next week.


DSW, Halamadrid, Hashtag

Edited by DSW
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Enjoyable read thanks guys. A large amount of work must have gone into it. 

Looking forward to future editions. 

Cheers mate! :) It took us 5 straight days to get all the content together, formatting, planning, etc etc

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That was an enjoyable read lads. I know a lot of work must have gone into it as I remember when we used to have the Vibe Monthly Newsletter. That was quite something, but we stopped eventually just because of the workload. Hope that doesn't happen here. :)

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Absolutely fantastic work guys, clearly a lot of work went into this and it was very well-written. The only point of improvement would be to keep the formatting consistent. 

It'll be very tough to back that up haha but I'm definitely looking forward to the next edition.

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The FMM Magazine




Hi everyone this is the one and only Halamadrid(self-esteem high :P) and welcome to the second instalment of the ever brilliant magazine series.....The FMM Magazine.


Before unveiling the magic curtains,I would like to introduce the newest member of our now 4-man team........(drum rolls please)..... ..

Devil 03!!


As self-proclaimed,this episode will be much improved with bunch of many new and cool articles and stuff being introduced to enhance your reading experience.Due to the fact the entire magazine is too long,we have decided to split the second issue into two parts.


Now,let me take you on a journey that you'll never forget(or remember) but nonetheless a unique experience like never before and nothing much I've got to say except............

Voilá ! ! !


Issue #2-Part 1:

Table Of Contents:

1. The 3 Roles Of A D(C) Explained

2.  Will You Try This Team?

3. Player Article #2-El Tigre

4.  Match of the week predictions and verdicts 




Written By: halamadrid

The 3 Roles Of A D(C) Explained

Hi,this is halamadrid and in this article I will explain to you about the roles of a DC and how to determine a DC's role by his attributes.

Limited Defender - This type of defender is a well known player amongst the majority of English fans as a no-nonsense defender who doesn't care whatsoever on the situation to clear the ball upfield out of harm's way.

Given the fact this type of defender is usually a less technical gifted player,he doesn't need well-rounded attributes as most of the time he'll be lunging for tackles and hoofing the ball from away from danger,but he needs to have at least 15+ for Aerial,Tackling & Decisions and 13+ for Strength,Aggression & Positioning.

Examples: Phil Jones, Dante, Angelo Ogbonna

Central Defender - A central defender will perform what is required of him. Basically,he'll just do what is necessary depending on the situation and look for the safest way out.

Now,we look at the attributes a central defender will need.For a defender of this role,individual ball skill is not as important for him as winning the ball effectively.Due to that,he will need to be aggressive,strong in the air,position himself perfectly and make decisive tackles to marshal the defence brilliantly.Of course,he needs to be cohesive and cooperative so the backline can operate flawlessly.

Examples: Vincent Kompany, Pepe, Mamadou Sakho

Ball Playing Defender - Ball Playing Defenders like to take risks by getting the ball back and send balls upfield or defence splitting passes to start an attacking move.

Because they'll be getting the ball often and withstanding immense pressure,they need to be good at passing,be tough in the tackle and make decisions wisely,as so they would also need to have good mental attributes.Unless you have a world class defender in your team,playing a BPD is very risky as your defender might get outnumbered and crumble under pressure,although if you have a very good BPD you can hit opponents on the counter pretty effectively.

Examples: Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, Thiago Silva














Hello, Jeffrey here back with another team for you guys! This team has some real connections with the Issue No.1’s team, Chelsea, and it is… Chelsea’s Little Bro, Vitesse!


Chelsea’s Little Bro - Vitesse

So, I’ll analyse the key players, the finances, and their youth! Hope you enjoy!

Key Players

Davy Propper


The Dutch Attacking midfielder is a nice player in his level already while having room to grow, at 22, his stamina and technique are already in the greens while the potential is really bright for the lad, in the Dutch league it is players like these in the AM(C) spot that you really need.

Marko Venjinovic


Another Dutch player, this time another Advanced Playmaker but in the M(C) spot, at only 24, he’s again a really decent young player, although I don’t have many memories of him in FMH, but I did come across him with Benfica in the 2019-2020 season, where he became a beast in the midfield for me.

Piet Velthuizen


Another Dutch this time, but a goalkeeper this time, and he is amazing at this level, 3 green stats again and some nice other stats to go along as well, with a great age at 27.



3 nice players, 1 on loan on the list but you can buy him easily.



The loaned in Wingback will be one that you’ll surely miss when he leaves, but, you can buy him for like 5 million and I did, he was a god and grew to one of the best wingbacks in the world, quality he is.

Valeri Qazaishvili


Georgian? I was shocked when I first saw it but a great prospect and what I really like is the consistency of him, not great stats and not really ever will be a great player, but consistent is the key here.

Uros Djurdjevic


The young Serbian Poacher is a really good and decent up and coming player for the future, maybe not as good as a player like Luka Jovic, but he’s one of the best of the country in this game.



As you can see, they don’t have the best finances, but as I’ve tried before, I decided to make them all in the wages section and loaned in Chelsea players, you can make use of this and I really have if I say so myself, hope you can cut it with 2 million!




Written by: DSW


Welcome back to another issue of your favorite magazine! This is DSW, and this week, you’ll be once again treated with a player article from your favorite poster (:P) Last week, i did one on a rather in-form player, a player with his head up high, riding on high form, but this time, I’m shuffling things up, this time, I’m doing it on…… You know him… EL Tigre…….


When i was asked to do an article on this rather peculiar bloke, I had foremost refused, He was a gone lad anyways, and I had better ideas in my mind, but then remembering them Atleti days, and here I am writing another piece for you............ Enjoy guys!


(All stats obtained from WhoScored.com … Thanks.)


El Tigre :






There’s this bloke at Atleti and Porto who blasted goals for fun. Then there’s this bloke who’s struggling for game time at a struggling Chelsea, it can be safe to say, that Falcao has had his ups and downs in his career. His milestone of having a record no of goals in the Europa League, and the fact that he’s made eye-watering money moves to rich clubs (Man Utd, Monaco, and even Atleti to some extent) make him a distinguished player in every sense.


For me, I would say his drastic decline had started at his ill-fated move to Monaco, where they’d spend a good 60 mil on him. His start was swift, and he made sure they came second and qualified for the Champions League, but somewhere in the middle of the season, he suffered this very serious ACL injury, and that was it. his knee was pretty much gone. The psychological impact of having missed the all-important World Cup also must have contributed to his football decline.


Another big money move to Man Utd further worsened his career. After having agreed to be payed a mind-boggling 265k a week, Falcao went on to score 4 goals in the 29 games he appeared. Now he’s at Chelsea, again on loan, trying to revive his career, but as far as the club is concerned, there’s pandemonium going on. There’s the talk of manager and player problems, high-profile players being dropped, the problems have only increased. His performances haven’t lit up Stamford bridge yet.


Stats count:

Now with all that talk gone, here’s the numbers that should concern you:


  1. At Chelsea, he’s managed to play up in 7 games for now, starting one, and six coming from the bench, and oh boy, he ain’t no Gunnar, as he’s only scored a solitary goal.

  2. His passing percentage is a paltry 76% and he’s only won one aerial duel.

  3. He’s played a total of 192 minutes.


As far as his current stats are concerned, he isn’t the guy we all know, and surely, he’s gonna be looking for that magnificent comeback everyone is hoping for.


Let’s go back in time, this time at his days in Porto and Ath Madrid, which is arguably his greatest and most productive period.

Stat countAtletico/Porto:

  1. In his first season at Atleti, the Tiger scores an impressive 24 goals in the 34 games he played, while chipping in with 3 assists.

  2. This was the time, when Atd Madrid actually gathered up some pace and actually managed the Europa League spots.

  3. At that time, he was one of the most feared strikers who had a knack of scoring goals at an important time.

  4. In his second season, he stepped up, and bagged 28 goals! This included five against a team in La Liga and Atletico bagged third position.

  5. For Porto, 41 goals in all competitions in 51 appearances and made headlines.


What does this tell us?

He’s good, very good infact, but at this point, he’s broken, like lacking a part. He’s fit now, but hasn’t adapted to the BPL properly.


My verdict: Form is temporary, class is permanent, ‘nuff said.


Thanks, that’ll be all for today!




Written By: halamadrid

The Manchester Derby

Match Of The Week Prediction


The day has come,... this weekend will be the time when both sides of Manchester meet and when they face each other,...sparks will be ignited and a local rivalry will intensify as a renowned derby.


But don't take off just yet,as this week we'll focus on this match and provide a detailed analysis and predictions for all you City or United fans,fuelling you up with information on this big game.


Friends become enemies in this game,allies becomes rivals on the pitch and Manchester becomes Blue Red.


Match 1


Match 2


Match 3


Match 4


Match 5


Match 6


Match 7


Match 8


Match 9


Match 10



Some Stats

United Wins-4

City Wins-1


Goals For-8/4

Goals Against-4/8


Man Utd’s Top Scorer:Juan Mata-4

Man City’s Top Scorer:David Silva-2


United has 50+ possession in every game.

All of the winning goals by United came in the second half.


The Conclusion

Be prepared for a tense second half in this Manchester derby,as United have the upper hand due to home advantage,but don’t count out City just yet,because the smallest of margins can separate these two sides.



halamadrid-MNU 3-1 MNC

           Herrera,Rooney 2 goals



Hashtag Tatica-MNU 3-2 MNC







Devil 03-MNU 2-0 MNC



As we can see,City is clearly not a fan favourite :P ,but with the odds stacked against them,can they prove the doubters wrong by beating United ?




That's it for part 1,please stay tuned for part 2. 



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Tried to read earlier (while in hospital) and couldn't read it at all was way too big and couldnt get my head around it but now its smaller ive had a read and its very very good chaps works really well with the four of you

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Thanks, sorry for the dramatic errors this time and the broken images, we aim to fix it soon.

, we've been discussing about this concept, of dividing the magazine into two parts in order to accommodate more content while not giving readers the pain of having to go through 2000 words of content at the same time. 

I would like to ask you all if you want this to be continued, as it is a fact that a magazine is not supposedly tailor-made to work on forums.

Thanks again. 

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