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10 Reasons to Buy FMM2016

I am sure there are plenty of reasons to buy the newest installment in Sport Interactive's Football Manager Mobile/Handheld franchise but here are my top 10 that will make you buy the game. If you are planning on buying it anyway then these will hopefully make you excited about it.


1. Latest Transfers

Sports Interactive are the kings of Football Databases and rightly so. It is highly realistic, very complete and accurate. The new game will have the latest of transfers and changes with players reflecting their real life ability as well as new clubs. A huge appeal of the games are always the biggest transfers out there and in 2016 you will get your favourite teams up to date.


2. Dictate your whole regime for the first time

In Football Manager Handheld 2015 you can shape your squad but now you can control your backroom staff too! This means you can choose who is by your side off the pitch. This will shape your style of play on the pitch and where you put emphasis to. Meaning the game is more personal to your style than ever.


3. FC United of Manchester are now playable

Promotions are a guaranteed feature but for years people have been patching FC United of Manchester in the game. Now for the first time ever they will have all their players from the get-go with no modifying needed. They will be a fan favourite in 2016 and create some interesting challenges.



4. More Tactical Control

Tactical Control means a lot in a game like Football Manager. The ability to choose exactly how your team plays is important for winning matches and many have requested more abilities over the past few years. Now with more tactical control your team can play your way and react more accordingly in matches. With the ability to choose which area of the pitch to focus on there is more room to exploit opposition weaknesses. Though there is the obvious danger of getting it wrong, but that is all part of the fun.


5. Improved News Screen

I personally would say the news screen in FMH2015 is poorly designed. Swiping through too many useless articles is a chore. With a "feature worthy" news screen being released then this should make the game a lot more enjoyable. Time will be spent not swiping through the news but reading important news articles and doing the important stuff like tactics or transfers. It should save time and make the game more enjoyable.


6. New Wonderkids

Wonderkids are a given as players get older and make way for new players to come in. The feeling of finding a gem is the best in the game and with new ones to find in FMM2016. This is always an exciting part of the updated games and it shouldn't be any different in 2016.



7. Personalise who you want to be

Now with the ability to gain badges and choose your style you can bring a perk to every club you manage. If you move to a club who doesn't play the way you want to your presence alone will make them play more like your preferred style as they will grow to be better in these aspects.


8.  Bring back your favourite ex-players as coaches

After a player retires he becomes your rival manager or disappears for good. Your loyalty for players meant little in previous games but keeping them ageing stars now has a meaning as you can get them to become coaches. If your player is one of the World's best you can pass their knowledge down to your youngsters as they will train them. A nice reward for keeping your players despite them getting worse and a way to make your favourite have an impact after a successful career with you.



9. Unannounced Features/Tweaks

Every year Sports Interactive include unannounced features and tweaks into the game. This year will surely be no different and some of these may be your favourite additions to the new game. While they may not be huge they can change bits of the game for the better - such as the Sweeper Keeper did last year, and make 2016 even better than 2015.


10. It's always value for money

For less than £1 a month the game is exceptional value and one of the only games that you are going to play for 10-12 months. The game never tries to milk you out of extra money like rival games and you can do well without additional purchases. This puts Football Manager Mobile head and shoulders above the competition and will bring you back with the flexibility of the game making it a long-time appeal.

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I suppose that with si's advances in anti-piracy from 6.1 onwards, there'd be little point in someone downloading a pirated version anyway. I'm really excited now... ?

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Obviously the best reason to get FMM is so you can keep up to date with the fantastic Vibe community! I know the main reason I'll be buying the game is so I can get involved around here, everything else mentioned are hopefully bonuses :) 

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The main reason for me buying the game is that there is no manager simulation substitute in the mobile market that is anywhere near the level of FMM , still FMM could still be so much better.

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FMH/FMM is the only game I followed these yeas.

Last year, I bought fmh2015 both on ios and android. 

I will buy both two this year.

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The idea of having Julian Speroni as my assistant manager at Palace after a few years is enough to make me buy the game on its own.

Also Zaha, Bolasie, Puncheon, Ward, Dann and the rest of our squad really should get pretty good upgrades so that's another reason for me to buy it

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