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Potential 3d engine in FMM 16


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Hey vibers , today I will discuss the possibility of a 3d engine in FMM 16 and how the user's would respond to it.

Current Limitations

Let's discuss the limitations that will probably prevent SI to implement the 3d engine in the game.

  • No major announcement by SI regarding any new engine 
  • Current smartphone limitations
  • Large space used by the 3d engine

There is no announcement regarding any 3d engine in FMM 16 along with the rest of the features which you could see here -http://www.footballmanager.com/games/football-manager-mobile-2016

With FMM 16 available on all major smartphones and tablets it is very unlikely with current specifications that most of those phones will be able to run the engine smoothly , currently the 3d engine on FMC/T which is only available on high end tablets lags on some of those devices and with the large space requirements it is unlikely we will see this feature in the game anytime soon.

Find out more about FMT 16 here -


What this engine will mean for the game and should it be introduced 

The 3d engine should not be prioritised at this time and SI should focus instead on developing the current 2d engine further while paying more attention on introducing other features such as a bigger database, more tactical options , etc and removing bugs from the game . The new engine may seem to push the franchise further to reduce the game between the smartphone and the desktop version of the game , it will only hide the other shortcomings of the game such as no stall transfer feature , and this feature will also probably be unavailable to a large part of the current customers due to smartphone restrictions, so while the feature may have been successful in the pc version of the game it will only hide the shortcomings of the mobile version of the game.


So while a 3rd engine may seem good on paper , it's probably better that SI avoid this feature for now and focus on other aspects of the game.



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I reckon that a 3d engine would be a bit of a waste as I usually go commentary only. As you've said I'd rather they focus on the other aspects of the game, personally I think a new league or some improvement in the international management would be much greater appreciated by the fans.

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Waste of time as to run that on a low spec phone just wouldn't work at all,there any many things that the "fans" want every year it gets posted on here and every year we are ignored our opinion on what we want means nothing.

Without us (the customers) there wouldn't be the finances for another release,but we will continue to get nothing that we want 

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The only reason I could see it added is to bring more FM/FMC players to FMM and tbh I'm sick of FMM not being FMM or doing what FMM fans want. 

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Even if they don't add new leagues, they surely can give us some other features like better transfer, & tactic, more player roles etc.

For me personally without new leagues what makes FMM 2016 different from the last 3 editions a few little features here and there,we have been screaming out for new leagues for years but we get nothing,until people stand up and say give us something quality then we will continue to get the same game year after year,I see people moan about oh we get the same crap every year but do nothing about it,STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! I say to let's all boycott the game till we get something that "we want" 

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I think there are a lot of more urgent improvements/features to introduce:

1) New leagues. As an Israeli born in Ukraine and with Russian as mother tongue, it will be very interesting for me to manage in Israel, Ukraine and Russia. OK, Israeli league is too weak, but Russia and Ukraine are quite good, not?

2) UEFA coefficients & seedings  - League Standards are not enough, I want to see, for example, 2 Welsh teams participating in Champions League after League Standard raised from 85th (2 stars) to 20th (3.5 stars) and it is not realistic to start from first qualifying round 2 years after winning CL. Come on, it's not so difficult to implement!

And much more... But two things above will make me happy


And for 3D engine I will play FM/FMC/FMT, by the way, I will try FMT 16 anyway

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