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FMM 2016 Possible New Leagues

So as FMH 15 is coming to the end and no new leagues planned for FMM 2016  (Officialy) let's see what leagues that would interest the Vibe people

Possible Leagues

So with someone creating new leagues there has to be some sort of realism to that league for instance in th MLS there is a draft but on FMH we are unable to incorporate that feature so essentially if we chose to create that league them some would say there is minimal realism but I ask a question what part of FMH has realism.

What I mean is,is it realism to guide Burton to champions league glory or have a striker score 100 goals a season?

So if/when we have a editor available to us these are a few leagues that I will be looking at creating


Outside the leagues that will be available this has got to be a great exciting league to possibly manage it is full with some great teams and some quality players 


This for me outside of Europe is a very exciting league and full of future state players,there is a host of quality teams that are in this league,but the have recently changed the league infrastructure to a massive 30 team league so it will be very difficult to make this as realistic as possible 


This just like the Turkish league is a exciting league mostly troubled by crowd violence IRL but is very competitive and I for one have always wanted to manage the great Shaktar 

So they are only 3 leagues that would be quality to manage in,this article is more about what you guys want as SI don't seem to give you new leagues so it takes normall people to take there time and effort to create this for you guys,new leagues could easily be done by SI but do you expect them to give you what they want.....

If there is a league you would like to see/created leave a comment and if enough interest comes up with certain leagues then let's create them.


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Nice job, with the new Argentinian league have they abolished the relegation being over 3 years?

Not to sure but this is what I know. The relegation system in Argentina works with a coefficient system (points/games played). The relegated teams are chosen after the two last places of the coefficient table after two tournaments (Apertura or Opening and Clausura or Closing) play the two Chamoions of second division in a playoff. But after the league was added some teams I believe there will be only 1 team promoted and three relegated until the league goes back to 20 teams

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I'd like to see more lower leagues added

Like they have on full fat FM, like on England there is about 10 leagues 

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Nah they go down to same as fmh on fm for england I'm thinking more like italian serie D or Belgian or dutch lower

Yeah would be good,but that would be giving us want we want and you know they (SI) won't do that 

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The game is crying out for more weaker leagues on Portugal's level, especially as Holland seems to have lost it's ability to sign big players. 

Turkey, Russia and Ukraine would be awesome additions as they would offer a challenge while having the money for player creativity. We have all the major leagues and too many really poor ones but that middle area is rather weak. Portugal is popular for a reason and more leagues like that will only benifit FMM. 

If you want to play in that "middle top team/league area" you are forced to play as one of the Portuguese giants or Ajax, imagine having the option of Zenit, CSKA, Shaktar, Galatasary etc.

I'd love to play as those mentioned aswell as Basel and Olympiakos. I'm a big fan of the Europa League IRL  but in FMH half those teams aren't represented or have empty squads, nothing more frustrating than watching a massive performance IRL then finding out they're not even in the game. 

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Got a nice response aswell lol

Yes have had some response but the one thing everyone has wanted for many years and have not been implemented 

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Is confirmed there's 14 countries to play in and thats it nothing confirmed about any lower leagues being added

That sort of optimism normally ends in disappointment :P 

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