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Gianluigi Donnarumma

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Countdown To FMM: The Giant Wonderkid


Name: Gianluigi Donnarumma

Age: 16

Club: Milan

Italy is known as the “Land Of Goalkeepers” for the great number of talented GKs they produce. The race to replace the legendary Gianluigi Buffon gets tighter and tighter, with Simone Scuffet, then Mattia Perin the leader- and Nicola Leali, the guy who can replace Buffon at both club and country. Now Gianluigi Donnarumma, just 16 years old, has joined the race and could very well win too.


Donnarumma was a potential Wonderkid already when Milan included him in their Matchday Squad for 2015-16 as a third-choice GK. However, after a poor start, Milan manager Sinisa Mihalijović started the 16-year-old against Sassuolo. The youngster could have done better with Sassuolo’s goal, a Domenico Berardi free kick, but Milan ended up winning 2-1 anyway. Then the youngster had his first clean sheet against Chievo, but almost gave away a goal after dropping a cross- Paul-Jose M’poku’s goal was ruled out for a foul on Donnarumma. Finally, he had a solid performance against a strong Lazio side, conceding late to Ricardo Kishna when Milan sealed the points already.

Of course, Donnarumma is most famous for saving a Toni Kroos penalty in a pre-season friendly against Real Madrid.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Bravery- He is a brave Goalkeeper, not afraid to come off his line. This makes him quick to stop charging opponents.

Kicking- Donnarumma, like many modern GKs, is comfortable with the ball at his feet. His Kicking is powerful and generally accurate, the ball often finding the other half of the pitch. Would be a great Sweeper Keeper.

Reflexes- Donnarumma’s best Ability has to be his Reflexes. He should have at least 14 for this, as he has made some amazing reaction saves, such as the ones against Lazio.


Handling- Meanwhile, his greatest Weakness is his Handling. As mentioned above, he has trouble dealing with Crosses, almost losing his clean sheet. However he is 196cm tall at just 16, and should become better with experience.

Positioning- Naturally a problem due to his Bravery, gets exposed once in a while.

Possible CA/ PA

CA- Same as Simone Colombi in FMH15. This is fair as his performances are of a mid-table GK standard, but he has much more room to improve, of course.

PA- I’m being optimistic, but he deserves a -10- and could get it if he continues to improve.

Fun Fact

His older bro is Antonio Donnarumma, a former Milan player now at Genoa. Several major sporting websites, like ESPN and Football Italia, have confused the two brothers, which is always good for a laugh.

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