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Things that will make you excited about FMM2016


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Are you excited for Football Manager Mobile 2016? Well you should be. Just in case you needed a little extra reason to be then here are a few things that will increase your excitement for the new game, enjoy.


FMM2016 Features and Screenshots by FMHVibe

The biggest draw of all is of course the new features. Sports Interactive have revealed what the game will look like and what it will contain. For 2016 it looks like you have more control than ever with new Coaching Staff and Tactical Additions. As well as what seems to be a more unified User Interface.



50 Young Talents by The Guardian


We all love a good wonderkid, that is why they always stick in our memory. The feeling of making a player the best from a young age is oddly satisfying to all and the FMM2016 batch looks to be as strong as ever. Thankfully we should be able to find great players for our teams straight away thanks to The Guardian featuring 50 of the World's hottest prospects in a great piece.Lee-Seung-Woo-KOR-001.jpg


FM2016 Free Agents Shortlist by FMScout

Not every team has lots and lots of money, sometimes we just need that little free agent to come in and do the job for our team for only his wages. Thanks to FM Scout we have a whole shortlist potential players to do just that. Whether you are Premier League or League 2 there is someone on the list for your side that will add that little bit of depth that can help you succeed.



We Are the Managers Campaign by Football Manager

Listening to others' stories about their joy and heartbreak in the game often brings back memories. The stories of Celebrities and Fans alike are oddly familiar with what we have felt in the game.  Not only that it is very fascinating to hear Premier League footballers and famous names talk about their love affair with a game that we hold so dear too. It really makes us excited for the future to carve more of our own stories from the game.



10 Teams to Try in FM2016 by Squawka

There are so many teams that you COULD manage in FMM2016 and finding the one for you may be tough at first. The vast array of different scenarios and challenges is one of the most encapsulating things about the game as no two clubs will be the same. Squawka thankfully have come to the rescue giving us 9 out of 10 teams (sorry MLS, hopefully next year) that could be managed in FMM2016 that they find interesting. It would be hard not to find a game that scratches the Football Manager itch out of this list.



20 Signings to Make in FM2016 by What Culture

Who will be the bargain of FMM2016? Which player will set the world alight? While there are some obvious choices more often than not these are big names and often unaffordable. Thankfully What Culture have us covered. Get planning your first big career as these 20 Signings to Make in FM2016 will take your team to the top of the table and make us pining to sign them again and again. Breaking away from these great bargains may be tough but then that is all part of the game. Yet trying these out first are essential.


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Ive got the Google play mobile store searching FMM2016 as my home.page right now so whenever I go on Tinterweb I have a quick search to see if it's come up early haha

Yes I'm that excited for it

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