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[Skin/Themes Development] - Updated (17-4-16)


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Skin/Themes Development
(Development Thread)


List of Skins Completed
Available in the Downloads Section)

Blue,Brown,Green,Orange,Purple,Red Defaults (Updated for 7.2 update)
SkySports ( Updated for 7.2 update )
Barclays Premier League ( Updated for 7.2 update )
Vibe Community (Download Now Available)


Work in Progress

New Skin Soon
Completed -
Work in Progress -
Next -


Members Wishlist
La Liga
European Championship
UEFA Champions League
ESPN Sports



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Things like team ones will never get the same.amount of downloads than the BT, Sky Sports ones so pointless IMO

I'd say go for something like a BPL skin or La Liga skin

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37 minutes ago, UKFootballScore said:

What is changed? The team background?

yes the team score banners, added arrows to the screen so u can see


Edited by Kyle
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2 hours ago, Kyle said:

so u guys like the premier league startpage? i could swap the blue and white around but then wouldnt it look more like scottish premiership colour? what u guys think?


this is great, just leave it like this

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