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2 Free Agents To Look Forward Too


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2 Free Agents To Look Forward Too.

So according to various outlets these 2 players will be available as free agents in FMM 16 that's if they don't renew there contracts or sign a pre-contract with any other clubs, there where 20 players in total but I done my top 2.

Free Agent 1.

Ron Vlaar 


So the first player we see is none other than Ron Vlaar,This guy in recent years has been pretty solid for Villa although they have been struggling he is a rock in the CB position, imo you always need that older centre back in your back line one that controls the whole back 4 and his stats speak for themselves all the stats that would require a very good centre back are pretty high.






So they are some quality stats for his position and he would be a great free signing for a team fighting relegation or a team looking to secure a top 12 finish,but we will see if he has a downgrade or if he stays similar.

Free Agent 2

Dimitar Berbatov


So this guys career really started up when he signed for Bayern Leverkusen and scored 69 goals in 154 games before moving to England and signing for Tottenham Hotspur where he won the hearts of the faithful London club and not before long would see himself subject to a big bid from Manchester United,it didn't go to plan all that well for him there many believe that move killed his career after the first few years he found himself on the bench.

So IG wise he possess some great stats for a mature 33 year old striker and has a least 1 more good season in him.






So for a 33 year old they are some pretty good stats but like both free agents could we expect a downgrade or quite similar.

So there is my top 2 free agents available in FMM 16 and it will be interesting to see how they have been handled,weather they have been downgraded a lot or kept around the same.

As always thanks for reading guys.

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1 hour ago, Ashez said:

Nice work, I can't see myself going near them though :P 

Thanks, these sort of signings would be for a lower team to avoid the drop 

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