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Utilising the Coach Reports


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What is the Coach Report?

Coaches give a star rating of current and potential ability of each player.

Current is their ability as it stands.

Potential is how good they can be in the future.


Everton's team sorted by the highest current ability given by the coach


The Shortfalls of the Coach Report

While coach reports have their merits in which we will discuss later, they also have many shortfalls as most FMM fans will point out.

  • Coach reports are based off of the current team and league. This means that buying a really good player can move all the team ratings down, it also means that if you get promoted then players may suffer a dip in rating.
  • The rating is based on reputation and form, not attributes. While reputation gives you a good understanding how the football world may see the player and form is how good the current player is performing it isn't an indication on his ability. This makes for attributes that are easily skewed by a few good performances or playing for a good team either currently or before.


The Benefits of the Coach Report:

If you are unsure on who is better as attributes are similar or want a quick and general analysis of the team it can be useful for first impressions. All in all it is good for quick and informed decisions but don't take it as fact. Always inspect a bit more afterwards or use it when you are really unsure and need a second opinion

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