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How to combat Strained Relationships


How to combat a Strained Relationship


Having a strained relationship in Football Manager Handheld can really put a negative spin to your good results. Stopping this is imperative for team harmony and therefore your results/job but how can we do this? In this article I will explore the strained relationships and how to fix it.


What are strained relationships?

Quite simply a player (or multiple players) don't like another, found on a player's profile under the "Player Personal" tab.

This can be for all sorts of reasons and it isn't always mentioned in game why so prevention is difficult. From a training ground bust up, to underperforming all the way through to wanting to leave or being greedy with wage demands. You cannot stop one player from hating another, it just happens and the only way is to solve it when it comes around.


How do I solve this?

First you need to look and see if the relationship is an one-to-one or many-to-one. If many players hate one then it may be worth escalating the case quicker.


1) Bide your time: This is quite simple, wait for it to play out for a month or two. Form may pick up, players may forgive each other and so on. Sometimes the best solution is to just wait.


2) Drop a player: Never play the two players who hate each other in the same team or if there are many that hate one then never play the one. Even more so in close proximity (e.g. two central defenders), they won't work together well and will disrupt your team's harmony in the match.


3) Sell a player: If the relationship is many people then the culprit to sell is obvious. Even if he is your best player no one is worth 2 or 3 players being unhappy in most cases; unless the unhappy ones are fringe players of course, so selling up is the most ideal case to stop them upsetting team harmony. If it is a strained relationship between two players though then it is more difficult, you will have to decide who is less important and easier to replace and then sell them.


Does ... work?

Offering a new contract: No, this does not in most cases fix the problem, it may make the players slightly happier but they will still dislike each other.


Praising the players: Again, no. Like offering a new contract it will not fix the players' relationship but may raise their happiness.


Final Words

So now you know what can be done to deal with a strained relationship. Please note each case is on an individual basis and may require action quicker dependent on how it is effecting the team on and off the pitch. A strained relationship may make your board dislike you quicker and if you are fighting for your job can be a cause for a sacking. Remember you cannot like in real life make players forgive each other and get on, there is no quick fix in order to combat this and it will all be down to your judgement at the end of the day.

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The only time I've ever encountered his in previous versions is when a player says he wants to move, and that's often down to you having offered him to other clubs. Usually it's someone I want to get rid of anyway, so ...sell, sell, sell for me. I've had once so far on FMM16, and that was because a player who I'd offered announced he wanted to go.

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I used to have this type of problem in fmh15, but none so far in fmm16. usually I do nothing about the strained relationship, i would just let it go with the flow, and surprisingly my team did really well even with couple of bad relationship between players. 

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