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FMM2016 Best Players List


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These are the Best Football Manager Mobile 2016 Players. It is rated out of Current Ability (out of 200, the higher the better) and this is the players' starting rating and sets the attributes.


Please note some players may not be available in the database, may differ or not available in the game as it is based off of the Football Manager database which the game runs off.

Name Age Position Nation Club Current Ability
Lionel Messi 28 AM/F RC Argentina F.C. Barcelona 198
Cristiano Ronaldo 30 M/AM/F LC Portugal Real Madrid C.F. 192
Manuel Neuer 29 GK Germany Bayern 189
Luis Suárez 28 AM/F RLC Uruguay F.C. Barcelona 183
Neymar 23 M/AM/F LC Brazil F.C. Barcelona 183
Sergio Agüero 27 AM/F C Argentina Manchester City 180
Arjen Robben 31 M/AM/F RLC Holland Bayern 180
Eden Hazard 24 M/AM RLC Belgium Chelsea 179
Robert Lewandowski 26 SC Poland Bayern 178
David De Gea 24 GK Spain Manchester United 176
Toni Kroos 25 DM/M C Germany Real Madrid C.F. 176
Paul Pogba 22 DM/M C France Juventus 175
Alexis Sánchez 26 AM/F RLC Chile Arsenal 175
Thibaut Courtois 23 GK Belgium Chelsea 175
Karim Benzema 27 SC France Real Madrid C.F. 174
David Silva 29 M/AM RLC Spain Manchester City 174
Carlos Tevez 31 AM/F C Argentina Boca Juniors 174
Jérôme Boateng 26 D/DM RLC Germany Bayern 173
Arturo Vidal 28 D/M/AM C Chile Bayern 173
Luka Modric 29 M/AM C Croatia Real Madrid C.F. 173
Thiago Silva 30 DC Brazil Paris Saint-Germain 173
Marco Reus 26 M/AM/F RLC Germany Dortmund 173
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 33 SC Sweden Paris Saint-Germain 173
Mesut Özil 26 AM RLC Germany Arsenal 172
James Rodríguez 24 M/AM RLC Colombia Real Madrid C.F. 172
Gianluigi Buffon 37 GK Italy Juventus 172
Ángel Di María 27 M/AM RLC Argentina Paris Saint-Germain 171
Thomas Müller 25 M/AM/F RC Germany Bayern 171
Sergio Ramos 29 DC Spain Real Madrid C.F. 171
Edinson Cavani 28 AM/F RLC Uruguay Paris Saint-Germain 171
Mats Hummels 26 DC Germany Dortmund 170
Gareth Bale 26 M/AM/F RLC Wales Real Madrid C.F. 170
Claudio Marchisio 29 DM/M C Italy Juventus 170
Petr Cech 33 GK Czech Republic Arsenal 170
Philipp Lahm 31 D/DM/M RLC Germany Bayern 170
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