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FMM2016 Evogen List


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Evogens are amazing players, they are like wonderkids but so much better. But who is the best? We look at the 30 year old and older players with the best Potential Ability (Maximium ability they can reach with 200 being the highest). You also may not find some of these players on the game or in your database as they are based upon the Football Manager database and this can vary.

Name Age Position Nation Potential Ability
Gianluigi Buffon 37 GK Italy 194
Cristiano Ronaldo 30 M/AM/F LC Portugal 193
Ronaldinho Gaúcho 35 AM RLC Brazil 190
Alessandro Del Piero 40 AM/F LC Italy 188
Kaká 33 AM C Brazil 188
Roberto Carlos 42 D/DM LC Brazil 186
Francesco Totti 38 AM/F C Italy 186
Raúl 38 AM/F C Spain 185
Steven Gerrard 35 DM/M C England 185
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 33 SC Sweden 185
Xavi 35 MC Spain 184
Samuel Eto'o 34 AM/F C Cameroon 184
Yaya Touré 32 DM/M/AM C Ivory Coast 184
Thiago Silva 30 DC Brazil 183
Petr Cech 33 GK Czech Republic 182
Andrés Iniesta 31 M/AM LC Spain 182
Andrea Pirlo 36 DM/M C Italy 181
Iker Casillas 34 GK Spain 180
Michael Essien 32 DM/M C Ghana 180
John Terry 34 DC England 180
Didier Drogba 37 SC Ivory Coast 180
Frank Lampard 37 MC England 180
Robin van Persie 31 SC Holland 180
Arjen Robben 31 M/AM/F RLC Holland 180
Fernando Torres 31 SC Spain 179
Franck Ribéry 31 M/AM RL France 178
Carlos Tevez 31 AM/F C Argentina 178
Wesley Sneijder 31 M/AM LC Holland 177
Nemanja Vidic 33 DC Serbia 176
Philipp Lahm 31 D/DM/M RLC Germany 176
Adriano 33 SC Brazil 175
Maicon 34 D/DM R Brazil 175
Walter Samuel 37 SW/DC Argentina 175
Ricardo Carvalho 37 DC Portugal 175
David Villa 33 AM/F LC Spain 175
Zé Roberto 41 D/DM/M/AM LC Brazil 175
Lúcio 37 DC Brazil 175
Luís Fabiano 34 SC Brazil 174
Daniel Alves 32 D/DM/M RLC Brazil 174
Miroslav Klose 37 SC Germany 173
Rafael Márquez 36 D/DM C Mexico 173
Florent Malouda 35 M/AM LC France 173
Ashley Cole 34 DL England 172
Xabi Alonso 33 DM/M C Spain 172
Nicolas Anelka 36 AM/F C France 172
Emmanauel Adebayor 31 SC Togo 172
Diego Forlán 36 SC Uruguay 172
Patrice Evra 34 D/DM/M L France 172
Diego Milito 36 SC Uruguay 172
Victor Valdés 33 GK Spain 171
Daniele De Rossi 32 DM/M C Italy 171
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28 minutes ago, YoloTwice said:

How can I get him on a england solo database or spain

Scrapbook or by editing the database files to include him. 

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36 minutes ago, VietPrp said:

Is it possible to find del pieros and/or roberto carlos' evogens, if they aren't in your database? 


No, only players in the database you are using get evogens.

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My first thought would be Pirlo but the tackling looks too high and the technique looks too low. 

Has De Rossi retired in the game yet? Or even Thiago Motta. 

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6 hours ago, AlanD173 said:

Who do you think this could be?

Found by accident on my Leicester save, he good!


I know he is a real player who starts at botafago at the start of the game. Unless he is a Regen who took on the same name

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1 hour ago, AlanD173 said:

Ok so what about these two ?

I've been told there regen but I have no idea who they have replaced.



I am pretty sure that the second one is Xavi but I'm not sure on the first one

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7 hours ago, AlanD173 said:

Ooh! They've both got good stats so I might go for both!

Ok mate just watch out for their stamina. Maybe use both on rotation for each other 

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Hello again.

Can anyone tell me if the following players are regen,  if so who do you think they are.

Got a feeling Lewis Watson might be Lampard, would be mighty pissed if it is him!






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