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Your FMM2016 Firsts


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Koen Casteels (Sheffield Wednesday save)

Joshua King (Bournemouth save)

Bournemouth 3-1 Blackburn (Bournemouth save)

None yet


Well decided to start both my usual long term save and a shorter term save. So my firsts are on different saves, cause I'm just getting  through the transfer window for each first.

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  • LFC - Looking at players
  • Ronaldinho - Testing new coach feature - If you release the player they're also released as a coach and the coach you sacked replaces them. 
  • Benteke
  • 3-0 vs Sheff Wed in Friendly, brace for Benteke and one for Sturridge 
  • N/A
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  • First Club – Liverpool
  • First Signing – None yet
  • First Goalscorer – Daniel Sturridge
  • First Win – 1-0 vs Morecambe
  • First Competitive Win – 3-0 vs Newcastle
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  • First Club - Everton
  • First Signing - Yoann Gourcuff (Free!)
  • First Goalscorer - Lukaku
  • First Win - 3-0 vs Hartlepool
  • First Competitive Win - 2-1 vs Aston Villa
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  • First Club - Liverpool
  • First Signing - Charlie Taylor
  • First Goalscorer - Origi (Hat-trick)
  • First Win - 6-1 vs Oldham
  • First Competitive Win -4-0 vs West Ham
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First club - Celtic

first signing - Luciano Acosta (loan) & Diego poyet (loan) same day confirmation

first goal scorer - Charlie mulgrew v Dumbarton

first win - 6-1 v dumbarton

first competitive win - v partizan 1-0 at home in champions league qualifying round

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Manchester united

A. Lacazette

James Wilson against FC United of Manchester funnily enough

9 0 win over FC United of Manchester

and last 4 2 win over Manchester City first game of the premier league

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Very 1st team was FC Augsburg


Dominic Peitz - not really an interesting signing, was meant to be a squad rotation player.


Ji Dong-Won!!


5-0 v Sanhausen in a friendly. Funnily enough I left this match to my assistant manager, so this wasn't even my win. :'(


An average 1-0 win against Darmstadt in the Bundesliga.

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FC Utd of Manchester

Jonny Rowell (free solid midfielder for non league!!)

Tom Greaves v Forest Green

2-1 v Forest Green

4-2 v Corby

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  • First Club - Leeds United
  • First Signing - Joseph Mills (Oldham to Leeds, 500k, Backup LB to Charlie Taylor)
  • First Goalscorer - Chris Wood vs Watford
  • First Competitive Goalscorer - Chris Wood vs Charlton (He then got injured!!!)
  • First Win - 2-0 vs Charlton
  • First Competitive Win - 2-0 vs Charlton (I had a bloody hard pre-season, Watford, West Brom and Bournemouth!)
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  • First Club Darlington 1883...I wrote  changes.txt swapping Darlo with Curzon Ashton
  • First Signing Danny Spendlove
  • First Goalscorer Danny Spendlove
  • First Win Gloucester 0-4 Darlington 1883...I always leave friendlies to Assistant Manager
  • First Competitive Win Gloucester 0-4 Darlington 1883


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