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Challenges The Sugar Daddy Challenge


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The Sugar Daddy Challenge:


Sugar daddy is one of the most taboo subjects on Vibe with many members loving the feature whereas many of the hardcore users hate the unlockable, however over the last few weeks i've been thinking hard about creating a challenge where sugar daddy is fair game yet a challenge remains and today i am presenting this idea to you guys.


The Challenge:


When a sugar daddy owner takes over a new club he has one goal and that goal is to win the league they are in and the biggest competition of all, the Champions League. So it makes sense that this is also the target of this career, however there is a massive twist!


The Community Involvement:


How do you balance out a challenge which gives you a hat full of cash? Well you take the success off the pitch and out of the game and hand the power making to Vibe! The community will act as the fans on this career and everything they think counts more than ever!


When you start the career and pick your starting club you must add a poll on Vibe with two options, realistic takeover or unrealistic takeover! I suggest you plead your case in your first update and explain why you think this club is a deserved sugar daddy club as this can only benefit you but Vibes decision is final.


Realistic Takeover - Plus 500 points

Unrealistic Takeover - Minus 500 points


Once the club has been established and you've taken your reward or your punishment it's time to start splashing the cash and showing the power of money to the footballing league, however similar to picking the starting club you must add another poll for each signing (i'd suggest one poll at the end of the window) so Vibe can decide if these new additions are realistic signings or unrealistic signings.


Realistic Signings - Plus 50 points

Unrealistic Signing - Minus 100 points


Each transfer window you'll have the chance to improve your score with a realistic signing or if you get too greedy you could face a massive penalty, however is the penalty worth the success the star signing could bring?


The aim now is to lift the Champions League and League title of your division in the same season, once you've won the double your points total will be submitted here and you'll be added to the leader board, whoever has the most points at the end of the year wins.


An Example:


  • I pick Leeds United as my club and ask Vibe if this is a realistic or non realistic club.
  • Vibe agrees this is a realistic takeover and i gain 500 points
  • I then start to make signings including Jay Spearing and Danny Sturridge, Vibe agrees Spearing is a realistic signing which gives me 50 points yet they also feel Sturridge is an unrealistic signing so i lose 100 points.
  • This process continues every transfer window until i manage to win the Champions League and Premier league
  • I win the double - Challenge completed and i post my points total here to be included to the leader board




  • You must post the career on Vibe and follow all of these steps, leaving a signing out of the poll will result in disqualification
  • You must stay with the starting club you picked and you are not allowed to have multiple clubs in the first poll, you make you choice and stick to it!
  • Own formations only
  • No use of editing software including the SE, PGE or Text changes
  • Sugar Daddy can only be activated once!
  • All regens and grey players count as unrealistic signings as they are not real players!
  • You may start in any country however you are not allowed to start in the top division!
  • All rules must be followed to the T!
  • Vibe's outcome is final!
  • Have fun  :D

Thank you all for viewing, i'd be interested in your views and opinions and i hope you try it out, good luck  :D.

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