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Challenges The Contract Rebel Challenge


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The Contract Rebel:




Once again I bring you a challenge inspired by real life, this time it's Arsenal who gave me the idea....And I bet you guys know already how this is going.


Basically the idea behind this challenge is you're not allowed to offer any of your players new contracts....When their contract runs out they leave the club and you can not re-sign them.


This rule applies for all players, including new signings and ones in the load up squad. For example if you played as Arsenal you'd be unable to offer AOC a new contract so he'd leave once his contract expires, while you'd also be unable to offer a new contract to a player you signed.

The aim of the challenge is to win three back to back league titles but the titles wont count until your fourth season, so every title you win after the third season counts as your three on the bounce.


Why is this challenging you ask? Well the longest contract you can offer is five years (Apart from kids which is three years), this means you really have to think about who you're signing. Is it worth spending thirty million on a star player? Do you invest in kids even though they have no future at your club? You'll find yourself needing answers for these questions and many more.


The final twist of the challenge is your not allowed to sell any players unless they are in their final year of the contract.


A Challenge Round Up:


    No players can sign new contracts


    You're unable to sell players which are not in their final year of contract


    You can not resign players who left the club on a free, unless they've played for someone else in between


    Must win 3 titles on the bounce starting from season four


    Posting the career for us to follow is recommended


    Have fun

Members Who Have Completed This Challenge:


Cheers for viewing.

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