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Challenges The Amateur Challenge


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The Amateur Challenge


Some of you may remember this idea as it is a challenge i attempted myself last year, but for those of you who have know idea what i'm on about let me explain.

The Challenge




Queens Park from the Scottish Third Division are the only amateur team on the game, due to the obvious restrictions of FMH this isn't represented but i created this challenge as a way to play a save as an amateur club.

The Aim:

To win the SPL under the amateur challenge rules.

The Rules

1. Queens Park are the only side you can be

2. You can only sign free agents - No player can join on loan or for a transfer fee
3. No poaching of players with expiring contracts, the player has to be free from a contract.
4. No player can have a wage greater than £250 pounds until your second season in the SPL

5. After you have played two seasons in the SPL your salary cap increases to £500 pounds.

6. Own formations only

7. No cheating or editing of the game in any way

8. Screenshots are needed, a career thread for us to follow is advised

9. Have fun  :D

Cheers for viewing, please share your views and opinions and try it out  :D


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