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Challenges Square Pegs In Round Holes - An International Chal


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Square Pegs In Round Holes - An International Challenge

In club management you can sign whoever is needed to improve your team or to make a formation work but at international level you do not have this luxury and you have to work with what your nation has provided. This problem often leads to square pegs in round holes as we've seen at this world cup with Rooney playing on the left of midfield being an obvious example. This saying and predicament for manages gave me a challenge idea which i am now sharing with you guys.




The Challenge:

Who can do the best in the first season's World Cup playing only the goalkeeper in a green position. That means every other player in your starting eleven must be at least yellow or lower position wise. As the different teams are filled with various qualities i will be keeping a leader board for each nation but each leader board will not start until i have had at least one entry for them.

This challenge will force you to think about every position while also testing your knowledge of what's needed where on the pitch, it could also bring some lesser known players into the fray!


1. Outfield players must be yellow or lower position wise

2. Own formations only

3. No cheating - This includes reloading

4. No use of editors or any other software which will give you an advantage

5, Evidence must be given, a career thread for us to follow is recommended.

6. First season's World Cup only but please feel free to continue the save.


Leader Board

Good Luck  :D

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