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Challenges The Alphabet Goal Challenge


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The Alphabet Goal Challenge


Many people want a challenge that will see them through for most of the 30 seasons limit within FMH so i've come up with this challenge which will last 25 seasons plus! As i'm sure you've guessed the aim of the challenge is to use a striker for every letter of the alphabet based on the players second name with the end game target of scoring a combined 1500 goals! This target works out at around 60 goals per striker which i think is challenging yet reasonable, especially as some will be able to score more within a season so even if you fail to hit 60 you should be doing okay.



The Challenge

Using a striker from A-Z score a combined 1500 goals.

The Rules

1. Any league combo and starting club is fine, feel free to move around.

2. The letters can be used up in any order, however you can only use one letter once.

3. No cheating, reloading or using of the editors

4. No unlockables

5. Own formations only

6. Photo evidence will be required, a career thread for us to follow is advised

7. Have fun!



I think this would be a brilliant solo career but an even better community challenge but i hope you like the idea, as always i'd love to hear your views and opinions.

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