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Challenges The Assists Challenge


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The Assist Challenge

Alright lads this is a rather simple idea/challenge which is based on the goal challenges which are currently popular on Vibe. For this challenge you'll be looking for assists not goals so its the person creating the chances who is important.

We don't currently have a bench mark so to start off with we will use a reasonable target which will be Ryan Giggs' current record of 126.

This is an interesting challenge which can be played along side the 1000 goal challenge but unlike the 1000 goal challenge only club assist will count (due to international ones not being recorded in game).


Any League.
Any Player.
Own formations only.
No cheats or unlockables allowed.
A career thread for us to follow is advised.
Photo evidence is needed.
No Myclub or created players
The most important rule is to have fun!!

Current Target

Robinho - 365 - Zkleeds

Lucas Lima - 292 - Ashez

Leader Board

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13 minutes ago, Risheek said:

my god a record to break now 

I've already beat it....A few times ;). 

Just now, Zkleeds said:

Any particular positions?



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A couple to add on here from me







I think both Kante and Gaya both beat Giggs' record too - If i can find the pics I'll post them



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Duplicate pictures
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