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Challenges The Pride Of A Continent Challenge


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The Pride Of A Continent Challenge:




This challenge begins with you selecting a team, from any European League available. (It is recommended you pick a team with some financial backing unless you are expecting an extremely tough save)

You then need to pick a continent to use for your challenge, they are all available apart from the European one since this will be to easy.

List of useable continents

North America
South America

Then all your foreign players must be sold and only players from your chosen continent can be kept, and you may only sign players from your chosen continent.

For example I am going to attempt this challenge with Manchester City using the African continent, this means i must sell every player who's not African but i'm able to keep the ones which are. So i'd have to sell Hart, Milner, Silva etc but i would be able to Yaya Toure.

All players from a different continent must be transfer listed immediately and placed in the reserve team and they are not allowed to play or be on the subs bench for any games.

The aim is to win all competitions available in your league, this means coming first in the top division of your nation, winning all domestic cup competitors available to you and winning the Champions League.

This challenge is hard and expect a few sacking along the way if you fail to live up to the board's expectations. I will be updating my career in the careers section.

Put the title as Pride Of The "...." Continent (Your Continents Name)

e.g. Pride Of The African Continent

Post your attempts in the careers section and update regularly and at the bottom I will write a list of members who have achieved this challenge, but I will need proof via a career.

Enjoy, and good luck

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A few doubts about it:

1. What about second nationality? Does it counts?

2. What about leagues loaded? Can I load only the one I'm gonna use?

Edited by alves_gabriel
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