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Challenges The Goal A Mile Challenge


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The Goal A Mile Challenge

I had an interesting idea the other day and now i'm posting it as an exciting and unique new challenge for you guys to enjoy. As the title suggests the idea is every goal equals a mile but how does this work? 

The Challenge

The starting point of this challenge is Plymouth Argyle in League Two, from this club you have to make your way 641 miles up Britain to Inverness Caledonian Thistle. This journey will see you climb from the most southern club in England to the most Northern (playable, would be Elgin but we can't load two lower leagues) club in Scotland. 

However as always with my challenge there is a twist and the twist here is every goal your selected striker scores equals a mile, the miles your striker adds up is how far you can move in any direction. For example say your striker scored sixty goals in season one, those sixty goals equal sixty miles in which you can move. The idea here is you'd have to look at the available jobs and work out if your striker had earn't enough miles for you to apply for the job. The point of this challenge is to be always moving north while also taking risks, could it be worth dropping down a division if it gets you higher up the map and so on. According to google maps the distance between the two is 641 but your targets will likely be higher as you'll be moving around England and Scotland and not moving directly to Inverness. 

The Rules

1. You start at Plymouth and to complete the challenge you play one season with Inverness
2. You can only move clubs if your striker has earn't enough miles to reach the new club.
3. You can only use one striker at a time but it doesn't have to be the same striker for the entire journey. 
4. You can not score the 641 goals with Plymouth and then move to Inverness. 
5. Every time you move your mile count drops down to zero.
6. No cheats, unlockables or editors
7. Photographic evidence is needed, a career thread for us to follow is advised. 
8. Use google maps to work out the distance between clubs.
9. Have fun

Thank you for viewing and i hope someone tries this challenge as i think it could be incredibly fun to follow in the career forums. As always i'd love to hear your views and opinions. 

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