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My Hopes For FMM16


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My Expectations For FMM16

FMM16 came out yesterday but I'm waiting eagerly to see what people's opinions on the game are before I buy it. So far it seems it is very good not unplayable and a lot more fun. I hope we don't find any game breaking bugs like we did last year. (Stamina bug)


I hope that the speed is as good as FMH13/14. The enhanced match engine is decently paced now instead of it taking 5-10 minutes to complete one match. I hope it will take a couple of minutes to complete a match. If it is like this I and many will be delighted and will have a lot of fun.


The FMH15 game was broken in many ways when it came out but if FMM16 is not like that and has a little amount that aren't game breaking will delight me. I hope it is as good as I hope it will be.


FMM16 will be an enjoyable experience for all hopefully unless something goes wrong with everyone's comments all seeming positive.

I will have more content soon that will be much more in depth and on the game play depending on how long I'll wait before buying it. But till then goodbye :)

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Definitely worth it IMO. The interface is much better than FMH15 as well as the new coaches/player traits/tactical features. There are some bugs but as you say quite minor and not game breaking. 

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I really love the speed of a game in the enhanced engine!! I haven't seen any bug so it's not game breaking. And we have now a mature interface. FMH 15's interface was childish. 

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Tbh I still find the enhanced engine speed really annoying. When trying to play "very fast", the highlights look pretty stupid. When trying to play "medium" for decent highlights, it's slow as heck.

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