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How you do rate FMM16 out of 10?


I would give it an 8/10.

Pros: User Interface with team colours is lovely, new features add something to the game and the game is smooth with the Enhanced engine improved

Cons: Logo/Loan/Release Bugs, Some features with the news/Coaches could be enhanced with minor changes


What about you?

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pros - nice new interface. Better tactics and coaches is a great feature


cons - bugs. Getting offered champ and prem clubs when starting unemployed. Scrolling can be dodgy and the loan players being free agents when it falls through.


if they could sort these cons out I would give 9/10

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Pro - EME runs better, nice tactical options and UI is nice to look at. 

Cons - The main new feature (coaches) is poorly implemented, it's nowhere near what I hoped for.  It has no freedom and is a waste, not one attacking coach in La Liga as well. 

EME still shows pointless rubbish.

News feed is still clogged with garbage you dont care about. 

Bugs! Contracts not working, coaches bugged, loan/release bug, I've seen teams both play in the same colour, some financial issues, unemployment thing and obviously no knew leagues is always a disappointment. 

All in all it's 2015 with modified engines, a new skin and a poor screen for coaches. 

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  • Much improved interface (news screens takes getting used to but once you do it makes a lot more sense and can get a lot more info quicker)
  • More in depth tactical option
  • Role traits are quite useful 


  • Would've loved more record keeping for stats / individuals players
  • Some bugs but there are always going to be bugs
  • Can't search coaches?
  • More info on how coaches work would've been great
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Feel much better about this installment than the last. It looks different and some interesting new features. Hope it has the longevity that 15 lacked. Good first impressions since I said I'd never buy it again :)

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It's a lot better, overall. 

- Match engine seems a lot better with less reliance on corners and an implausible amount of indirect free kicks for obstruction. Player behaviours seems more varied. Some nice sequences too.

- Player Rating system still seems a bit inconsistent.

- The graveyard that was the DM line seems to have improved.

- Tactics in game is much better, but it would be nice to have man-marking. All the options relate to attacking, which is fine, but it would be fun to be able to mark someone out of a game as well. Assignments screen is a mess though - not much point letting us choose corner/free kick takers for each side, if we aren't told what foot they kick with.

- The new interface is better, with the inbox more attractive, but it's cosmetic - the same old problems remain - loads of irrelevant mails (do I care if Stevenage have fired their manager?) and no way of saving worthwhile stuff - like work permit viability. (Mind you, if there's going to be a work permit problem, it really should be in the scout report.)

- Not convinced by the coaches feature. I'm reserving judgement on this until I've done a bit of hiring and firing, but I have `Memphis Depay telling me he loves working with a particular coach, and he's playing mediocre stuff. Maybe I'm meant to fire the coach. Maybe not. But so much of the background information seems either random or deliberately misleading that it's hard to get a sense of what the game is. I may be overstating this.

- I'm bored with players getting "homesick" now. And I'm bored with the joke about players being injured with broken jaws/noses/bruised ribs implying that there are punch ups on the training ground.

- Has the fatigue been tweaked? I'm liking being able to keep to a settled line up, especially early in the season.

On the whole, I think it's a significant improvement. Maybe I haven't playing it enough for the repetitive nature to kick in, but I'm enjoying this a lot.

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EME seems faster and smoother
News screen is much better as we can easily go to other players screens etc.
Coaches is a good idea i like it but could of been implemented better.

Default skin is horrible and dark.
Logo packs bug with italy.
No new leagues.
Not enough player interaction.

It just the same as 15 with some minor features with some not thought out properly, not worth 6.99 tho maybe 4.99 would have been a fair price.

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8 - feels like an improvement and like it's actually had some attention. FMH15 was no different to FMH14 other than the database, whereas this is worth the money.

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