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Challenges Micro Challenges - Volume 1


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Hello FMHVibe, I have been a long term lurker of this website and have finally decided that FMM16 is my year to contribute to the community that I love. To start with, I have decided to create a set of Micro Challenges for myself to complete in some of my saves this year. These challenges are not hard but could be fun to add to a slightly boring save file or make some of the other great challenges posted on here a bit better (or harder!). Here is Volume 1 of JWB_Gamer's FMM16 Micro Challenges

John Cena!

The objective of this challenge is to pluck a player 'outta nowhere!' (AKA: The Unplayable Leagues) and make him into a club legend (Legend = Over 150 Apps). This challenge could be super easy if you choose from Argentina but might be slightly harder with Scandinavia. You choose how hard you want it!


In Our Youth We Trust

The aim for this challenge is to have in your starting 11 at least 4 players that are either from your youth academy, or signed by you before they turn 18. Again not a difficult challenge but could make your careers slightly more difficult and fun!


A Free Fortune

To do this challenge, you need to sign a free agent and make him a club legend (Over 150 Apps). This challenge was inspired by my FMH14 save with Preston North End. In that save, I had a knack of getting players on a free whom the board said where not worth signing and turning them into legends. Examples of that included my Champions League winning goalie from the Czech Republic (and not the Cech regen) and my legendary promotion winning striker from Belgium. Not hard when your in the lower leagues of football, but will increase in difficulty in the top leagues!


The FMM16 Sorta San Marino Challenge

Although in FMM16 you cannot do the San Marino challenge like on full football manager, you can do a slightly easier version of the challenge. The aim is to become the manager of a smaller national side and make it better, by bringing its team and the best prospects to the best football leagues in the world. This challenge was inspired by my FMH14 Preston save (again!), in which I took over the Czech Republic, then brought alot of their best prospects to Preston. Most of them where not good enough for Top 4 Premier League, but I sold them on into the better leagues so they could develop more than they could in Eastern Europe. Overall it made the save incredibly fun and the Czech Republic became rather good. This challenge is much easier when regens start spawning but you could try and do it from the start.


So That's Volume 1! If you like these I might make a Volume 2, as I have a few more Micro Challenges that I will be trying in my saves and will suggest to you to!

Cheers and Catch Ya later!

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