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Tactics Tactics dying :/


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On this game I have played a couple of saves with Man United on the original match engine. I made tactics and they always started off BRILLIANT during August and September, winning matches like 7-0, 8-1, and 6-0 and stuff. Then in Mid October - November, for some reason I start losing every match and end up sacked by January. Why is this? Who do the tactics work brilliantly at 1st, but then stop working completely? 

And if it's just that "the team's having a bad run of form" then why does it always happen around the same time in every save? AND if the team's only going through a bad run of form, why do the the team never recover? 

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3 minutes ago, Giorgi said:

Do you praise players when they're performing very well?

Yeah but only my star striker. A news thing saying Tevez plays well came up once, in 1 of the saves and I agreed his performances were well. In my other saves I haven't been praising any of my players at all

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If I have to guess what is wrong with your performance, I would say: bad tactic + IT

Most guys probably go for intensive training (IT), to get the best from their players. That is OK if you have the players to handle IT.

Using IT will help you get some beasts on the playground as long as they are healthy. Once they start to get injured their performance drops and you can`t use your core players in every single game.

Advice: IT + good rotation + good substitutions

Even better: adapt IT (drop some attributes) + good rotations

As for the bad tactic.

Some of the users here can handle every single tactic and make it work. They know how to read the tactic, they know how to read the players and they know how to adapt to every single opponent. I`m not that bright and I stick to OP tactics that can handle opponents without adaptations. Stick around here and soon you will find topics about such tactics.

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After 4 seasons I have the same problem.

All tactics I have try die around 6 month after the begining. I have great result and then, I lose every game, even againt lower team. My players are at 100% with very good moral.

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I always make a new tactic when a new season starts. A fresh approach is always good. And I usually sell some players. And buy others so i have new players to work with. I never felt that tactics were cracked. Here a example if Bayern munchen gets beaten by a 4-4-1-1 frequently. Then will all teams try this tactic to win from you. So you have to be various in what tactic you make. I hope it maked some sense. 

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