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Tactics Diamond midfield player roles.


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I enjoy using the narrow diamond midfield formation, but have had issues with it and have never been entirely sure which player roles to apply.

This was the the best I have come up with on this years game, and last year I was using something very similar:

What narrow diamond roles have you guys had success with, and what would you reccomend?



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In this version, I have only tried it a few times, but it didn't seem to play very much different to 15 when I used it a lot.  Your midfield roles depend on the players - if you have a Xavi-esque CM who is a great passer with high creativity, then putting the AP in that centre two with a BBM makes sense and has worked for me. If you have an AP who is a natural in the further forward line, just behind the strikers, that works, but I have tended to make that an IF like you.  I've never used a target Man, and what I do use tens to depend on the players - I usually settle for poachers, unless one is a complete forward. I've never understood the Advanced Forward which seems to me to be a make-uppy thing they've invented. IN 15, I always pulled the sitting midfielder forward to stop him getting the low rating it tended to give, but in this version I've found it much fairer on that position. But I think it depends on the players, really I also think it's worth looking at the role traits they assign to players on the positions page - that tells you lots, and it's a really good addition to game. 

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