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Vibe All Stars SignUp Now Available in Stories


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So its that time again for FmhVibe All Stars to rise again :)
This years game will find a new Captain and Vice Captain (after Dec & Ashez Retired from FmhVibe All Stars)
Updates will be ScreenShots instead of me typing it out if all works out well i will continue with screens if not i will revert back to typing.
Last year we saw FmhVibe All Stars 'B' they will continue if we get more then enough players or i could bring in the North v South Teams again :)

Im Pleased to say that they will be a brand new team this year ... Vibe Legends (which will include Dec & Ash) more info on this will be revealed soon.

Vibe All Stars SignUp Page now Available in Stories :)

Now u can view the Vibe Legends Team in the Stories Section

Edited by Kyle
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18 minutes ago, Risheek said:

SignUp Page? Pardon me I have not seen the All star team before. Any. Info you could give me about how they are formed?

hi its a vibe career i do with forum members that i create each year here is the link to check last years out - LINK

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On 25/11/2015, 14:31:06, StevenBedeau said:

I remember this :D

yup :)


ok guys so signup page for Vibe All Stars will be up during nxt week in the Stories forum be sure to keep an eye on it as positions will fill quickly.

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hopefully i will be working on this in the [Stories] Section of the forums. which the Hand Picked Vibe Legends Team along with a Signup Page for the Main Team FmhVibe All Stars.

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27 minutes ago, Kyle said:

the fmhvibe all stars sign up hasnt started yet so keep looking in stories section should be soon

well noted 


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