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Career Brenty92's Search & Destroy


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All credits go to Jack @UKFootballScore

I've decided to have another go this year to see if i can do it again, for those of you that haven't seen/heard of it yet heres the link http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/forums/topic/28490-fmh2015-search-and-destroy/?page=1

I have to choose a first 11 and 7 subs with the following limitations:

1. Only 4 players with a value above 5m

2. All 7 subs must be 1m or under

Here's my chosen squad.


Next i will mix up my team using that formation and those positions so I will put all the players in random positions including the sub positions and you have to try and find the best players and I have to get rid of them!! You have 7 players to dump out of the team!

After the 7 have been dumped I will then have to replace them with players all under that players value unless it is a designated player then the replacement would have to be under 5m!

So its time to start dumping players guys!!

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Had to swap pusic out as for some reason he's valued at 1.2mil even though I set the search filter to 1mil and under.


But never mind, here's his replacement.



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5 minutes ago, Condo said:

I think I get it. Correct me if I'm wrong - dump your LB - which could be anyone if you've mixed em up, right?


4 minutes ago, UKFootballScore said:

GK I'll go with!!

Give me 2 mins n I'll reveal player dumped and replacements

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5 minutes ago, UKFootballScore said:

Love this challenge cos is very interactive and quick and you get to play with a sick team

Same here mate, I'm gonna if I complete it again, carry it on until I lose or for the rest of the season, not sure which one yet. 

Lets get this started then

thanks a bunch condo you dumped.....

The Mighty Pole!!! 


and his replacement...


Admir should easily get some goals in the spl for me! 

1 designated player down already, it's not looking promising!! Haha

and Jack, you chose my GK and that was....


not overly bothered about this as I haven't actually used him this year so let's get to his replacement...


dont know why I skipped past him in my search in the first place to be honest!

2 down 5 to go!! Keep em coming

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9 minutes ago, Zkleeds said:


The player to go this time was....


And again a very able replacement in my eyes, the only reason he wasn't in my initial draft was due to his low movement


3 down, 4 left to go!

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16 minutes ago, UKFootballScore said:

I'll go with right sided CM

This player must be extremely unlucky as he was only drafted in an hour or two ago to now be dumped haha


And my replacement for the cursed Paredes is none other than...


@UKFootballScore you've got the ruling on this, you can replace with  free agents can't you?

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4 minutes ago, Condo said:

Uh oh! I didn't mean to get rid of the pole haha. If you want me to have another guess let me know ;) haha

It's fine mate it makes it more interesting lol yeah sure go for it

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11 minutes ago, Condo said:

Sub7 please!

The next player kicked off the team is...


cheaper replacements don't seem so hard to come by for this challenge so far


5 down, 2 left to go before this shows on the road!

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10 minutes ago, halamadrid said:

Right DC

Not gonna lie, this one done the most damage since losing the polish hitman!image.jpg.caf766d14ec992377119b1b7533c4d

but then again I got farfan earlier who I believe can do a good enough job in that position so I decided to bring some young blood into the team, couldn't believe this guys stats for his age when I saw him...image.jpg.21cdf73c35b483e5728398bebeb382

1 left to dump then I'll get this started!

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8 minutes ago, alves_gabriel said:


The last ones just been picked mate sorry!

12 minutes ago, UKFootballScore said:

Mu bad haha Sub 6

Another designated player dropped!!


struggled to find someone to replace Sergio tbh with you as I was after a certain type of player but got there in the end, nowhere near as good but could do really well in Scotland hopefully....image.jpg.fa06e1939c5a671381e0999400e1bb


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Now, do you guys want a screenshot of each player, or any specific players you want to see before I start going?


Edited by Brenty92
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