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Career My FC United story


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Hi everyone, I'm matt (haveit) I've been a member and a lurker here for years, and ive been playing cm/fm games since CM97/98. Yeah I've been around a while, I played the games religiously over the years until my son was born 6 years ago and since then I've not had time for the full FM experience so I've pretty much spent my time playing the handheld versions. I do pretty good too, and thought maybe it would be good to share with a community so here I go, I do this every year and take a low league team up through the divisions, afc Wimbledon and Basingstoke town being my favourites ive also had a successful FC United game on a previous FMH after waiting for them to get into the manageable league and sacking their manager, so I've decided to start at FC United this time around, here's a quick run down of my first season....image.thumb.jpg.ea61a0ade3259b3e903a5041

managed to bring a few players in on loan some decent looking CMs and 10k spend on pretty much the only striker who's wages I could afford.


early signs were that goals wouldn't be a problem but was having major issues with conceding, so I changed my midfield around to accommodate a cdm and hired a GK coach, and things improved over the season




overall the season way exceeded my expectations and I'm hoping with some key signings in defence we could give it a good go again next season.


the final league table.


stats from all the main performers.


that man Dave Tarpey, the only striker I could afford and he rocked in his debut season, his strike partner wolfenden was pretty good too!


so that's season 1 over with. I will be back with season 2....

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Ok so I didn't realise somebody else was doing an FC United game when I started mine and as he was doing such a good job of presenting it I didn't want to bore people with the same thing but not put together as well, so here is a skim through my time as FC United boss so far, I have tons of images if anyone wants to see anything in particularimage.thumb.jpg.fb1f9f661248b13583818223

and upimage.thumb.jpg.e72b848d85ee4cd2dc60d784image.thumb.jpg.77dbd7b6700ae198da19010e

and up, somehow I didn't screen league 1 table... Butimage.thumb.jpg.ccd98ae109e168d3ee85d2c4

up we goimage.thumb.jpg.31187e355186670086b00d89



And upimage.thumb.jpg.875cfac3fc5d7a31426d209f

and so the premier league beckons, we now have 15000 seat stadium and good facilities. 


I'm not sure where these results are coming from. But our first 2 Manchester derbies. Insane!!!


I will post the league table as it stands so far when I get back on it

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