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MLS Save File?


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Besides following English football, I love following MLS. We've got FC Dallas here in DFW, TX, and I had season tickets this past season. 

Anyway, I was thinking about starting a new game and renaming England's Championship to MLS clubs, as well as renaming all the players and adjusting their stats appropriately. Then I could finally manage my FC Dallas club through a season. 

But, before I actually sit down and research all of the MLS clubs' players, I just want to know if anyone else has already created this game, and saved their save file for us to share. It would be a lot less work just transferring someone else's save than creating a whole new league. So, do any of you know if someone has created a MLS save?



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I would say Australia would be better to replace, but the MLS is strange as I think if you take away that it is two divisions then play offs and drafts it loses a lot of appeal.

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Yeah, I agree with the two division thing. I wish we could recreate that as well as the playoffs. But I always wondered what it could be like if we used an English system in our league. The FMM save could be it's inaugural season. :)

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