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Challenges The Galacticos Challenge


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Inspired by Florentino Perez, comes this challenge. The name of the game is to have a squad that is made up of the best players from around the world, with the aim of exploiting the clubs marketing potential around the world (AKA maximising shirt sales). The aim is to see how many Champions Leagues you can win in 10 years.

The rules are as follows:

  1.       Only 1 player from a country may ever represent your team. This means for example if you play Ronaldo then you can never play another player from Portugal during your career (including the Ronaldo regen)
  2.       Your team must reflect the makeup of the world cup. For example no more than 40% of your squad may be from Europe.
  3.           You can only pick players for a game who have played for their national team. This obviously does not apply to German players.
  4.       You must win the Ballon D’Or every year. If a player from another team wins it, then you must buy them in the following transfer season. No player may win it more than once.
  5.        Cantera option. Namely that these rules do not apply to home players. For example, if you play as Real Madrid, you may pick as many Spanish players as you like and this does not affect the squad ratios. This last rule is optional and you may choose to discard it to make the game harder.


Since a standard Champions League squad has 25 members with a minimum 8 homegrown players, this means that the squad ratios would look something like this

  • Africa: 2-3 players
  • Europe: 7 players
  • Asia: 2 players
  • Nth & Central America: 2 players
  • Sth America: 3-4 players
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Clearly i had Real Madrid in mind when i thought of it but it does make the idea of starting with a top club a bit more challenging

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6 hours ago, Roffatje said:

Nice challenge I'm gonna try it now! Wish me luck!

Good to hear - Ill be following it to see how you go

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