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Strange Manager Appointments


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So I have just started my 3rd season with Bayern yet Arjen Robben has been linked in the news to the vacant job at Everton even though he is only 32, playing an active role in my team and well under contract? Also Nigel de Jong has just been appointed manager of Hannover, he is 31???

Anyone else come across anything like this?

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Screenshot_2015-11-27-21-43-36.thumb.pngScreenshot_2015-11-27-21-43-36.thumb.pngScreenshot_2015-11-27-21-43-36.thumb.pngScreenshot_2015-11-27-21-43-36.thumb.pngScreenshot_2015-11-27-21-43-36.thumb.pngScreenshot_2015-11-27-21-43-36.thumb.pngScreenshot_2015-11-27-21-43-36.thumb.pngScreenshot_2015-11-27-21-43-36.thumb.pngthis was a slightly strange one, just felt Stoke was to 'normal' for zidane.Screenshot_2015-11-27-21-43-36.thumb.pngScreenshot_2015-11-27-21-44-53.thumb.pngMoysey back at everton?!Screenshot_2015-11-27-21-48-38.thumb.pngScreenshot_2015-11-27-21-48-38.thumb.pnghe's only 33, and again, west ham is a bit too 'normal'

Rinaldo went into management at 31 on this save, and it by far the funniest. However I cannot remember where he went so I cannot show you a screenshot ?

Definitely think this needs lookin at, as players with much of their careers ahead of them are going off and managing distinctly average teams. I don't recall this happening on 15 and SI need to look at it..

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