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Help Scoring issue...major!!!


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I dont know if anyone else is experiencing this but it has me stumped. 

Ive tried numerous tactics in the new game(on enhanced) and no matter how well we play ir chances created i cant score goals!

Finished 5th, 6th & 4th with newcastle and had the 2nd worst goals tally for each season. Most i managed was 38!!!

On average i had 14 shots a game...and regurlarly lost 1-0 i had no such issues on the previous games untill now.!



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5 minutes ago, Chris Woodward said:

Playing a 4-1-2-2-1 which ahs worked wonders in previous versions. 2 inf's 2 apm's and a dlf 

What team instructions are you on?

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I only use DLF with another striker (normally poacher) alongside them. They tend to be more like advanced playmakers, like messi or Cassano. Inside forwards also tend to be wasteful and shoot lots. Switching at least one of them to a winger and the striker to a poacher would make for  a more clinical system in front of goal.

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15 minutes ago, Chris Woodward said:

I played with a dlf in last yrs and mitrovic scored bucket loads. This yr ive tried allsorts up top to no avail.

I play with one striker (Lacazette) and he's an Advanced Forward he scores a load of goals for me 

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19 minutes ago, Chris Woodward said:

Balanced short passing mixed focus mixed gk committed tackling. With pressing and counter on.

Try a match or two with attacking mentality and counter attack off

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