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Tactics Cannot seem to make 4-2-3-1 work for me


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I am a fan of the 4-2-3-1 Deep formation but I cannot somehow seem to make it work with a big club. I don't score enough and I concede too much for my liking. These are the roles I use:


Inf - Adv Play. - Winger


WB - CB - CB - FB


Attacking mentality, pressing & offside trap on.

Original engine.

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49 minutes ago, Stephen Thomas Sb said:

What passing style are you using ? I find mixed or direct works best . Maybe change one of the holding mids to B2B to get more players in the box 

That B2B tip is a good suggestion, I'll try it out.

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two holding midfielders i would make BWM/BBM pair.

Passing direct,

mixed distribution,

set your Poacher as primary attacker.  

Keep primary outlet free

Switch your right back to a Wing back

and give it about 20 games to decide if it's working for you. Depending on the quality of your squad you could also start with a balanced mentality and switch to attacking when your not scoring or are behind.

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