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Is it me or are the coach and scout reports a bit bugged? for example between my strikers I have a few who look pretty decent but according to my coaches are like 1.5 star rating and I have a poor looking striker who is apparently my best one, yet from comparing stats a couple of my strikers are comparable to some of the most expensive ones at the time.image.thumb.jpg.e41f80fdc20c1882613e2956

i thought this guy looked ok, bare in mind I'm a newly promoted premier league side.




Yet this next guy is always rated as my best striker and is the basis for scout report comparison and pretty much every player I scout comes back as decent and not much different to this mcdonagh guy..



according to my scouts no striker under £20mil is better than this guy

what do you guys make of it?



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No it doesnt give 100% it would be too easy if it did

Look at teams like Blackburn who could have signed Zidane for 500k but he was deemed not good enough and that they had Tim Sherwood as Midfield General!

So if you got 100% accurate scout reports it would take that away from the game and you'd just sign the best one and it would be nothing to do with how you see a player etc

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We're constantly tweaking the reports, if you have a save showing this we can investigate - please send to help@sega.co.uk

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I know reports are not 100% but some of them seem ridiculously inaccurate and the fact that pretty much everyone i compare seems to be not much different. I very rarely if ever get a report say a player is better or a lot better like I used to in previous years, I like the fact that they are not 100% but have always been helpful in making a decision, whereas now they feel useless. They always seem to under rate players, rarely if ever over rate which they should as it happens in real life all the time. I've got an awesome looking CM in my save at the moment, he plays well too but my coach thinks he's a 2 star player and some guy with no stats over 13 is my best CM

reports just seem broken compared to previous games. 

non playing staff having attributes of at least judging player ability and judging player potential should have been in the game too, it's not like I can sign better scouts or anything scouts are anonymous with no stats

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