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Career Something Simple - Posting Stories


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Hi everyone,it's Halamadrid here and today I'll be presenting you a simple guide on how and what to post in a story thread,updated for 2016.


This is a very simple article to master the basics of story posting for beginners.Once you get the hang of this,you can forget about this guide and write up a wonderful storyline  for your career.But for the time being,let's just learn the basics.


The Introduction

The introduction is the key part of a good story thread as it gives a rough idea for readers to actually understand what your story is about.You can write a short story(say 50-150 words) or just a plain description if you can't think of a story.Of course,well written introductions can attract readers to read on further,but if you try to over-complicate things then you'll end up getting tangled and your supposed to be interesting story will turn into a complete mess.

The Content

This part is the most important as it is the complete backspine of your career.This should usually be the results or the progess of the team you're managing in this career,although sometimes it might be different(it might be individual progess like during a 1kc).Always try to add spoilers to enhance your career and add the feeling of suspense,but not too much as it will ruin your story,it should be for something important(like league position or cup finals or just for fun).Another tip is to try to add more screenshots to break into your words look more interesting and easy to understand.The following things are recommended to be included in your career thread:


  • Transfers
  • Competitions
  • Player Stats
  • Manager Stats(optional)
  • Awards-Players & Manager(optional) 
  • Your remaining objectives(optional)
  • The Progress of Your Challenge(1kc-Goals Remaining,Unemployed Challenge-Clubs Left etc.)

The Finale

This isn't as important as the others as it only acts as a closing paragraph but you can still add some uumph in it by adding interviews with board,media response etc.If you want to keep it simple,just introduce what you're writing in your next update or add links to other titles(if your career is a series) or the points tally(for h2h's or for certain challenges) to end your thread in style.


Thanks for reading this guide and I hope it'll prove to be helpful for new members here :) 

Comments and Feedback Are Appreciated.

Till then,bye.

Halamadrid ®


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