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Tactics Tactic for arsenal


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For Arsenal, you'll probably want a 4-2-3-1. You're fortunate that you have two great wingers in Sanchez and Walcott that are pacey and good finishers, so you'll probably want to use an Inside Forward or two (not the best combo but it does work). Although I haven't looked at Coquelin's stats this year, he should be a good enough BWM.

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A 4-2-3-1 should do it. This is based on a system I used in 15, so I presume it still works. It's not great defensively, but you're arsenal so you'll have plenty of the ball (unless you're playing the mighty Norwich)? Let me know how you get on. If this doesn't work, perhaps switch the Cm to a DLP. Good luck...

(BTW, when I started this career, the board gave me £47 million, how come you only got £30 million?)



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I'm on the enhanced engine. The whole purpose of the tactic is to leverage on the awesomeness of Ozil, which is why my passing focus is set to centre. I'm really enjoying this tactics interface.




Yeah, I know 22 assists is insane. He even won world player of the year.


As you can see I've pretty much kept most of the squad and results have been pretty good so far. Won lots of stuff the previous few seasons. @Fish18ish


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