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Career Tottenham Hotspur - Road to glory


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I've always been a massive fan of FM Handheld, or now known as FM mobile, for many years, but I've never got into many long term saves, maybe 3-4 seasons the furthest. 

So this year I'm gonna really challenge myself to stick to a long term one, try and complete the whole 30 seasons! 

Ive decided to pick Spurs, the team I support, i figured it would be best to pick a team I like and know the most. 

I'll be posting daily on here to update you all on how I'm doing, also I may mostly be asking for tips and help as I'm still not very good at the game! Ahah 

- Oliver COYS

ps. I just love talking about my personal saves to people irl and I've never done on here so I thought to give it a try, I look forward to maybe getting into some deep discussions on here with u all! :) 

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Right so, I'm 10 Premier league games into my Spurs save and I sit joint top in the league already 5ps above third, a much much better start than i suspected..image.thumb.png.be8b9273ff107df9dbcc0b43

I did not think I would be unbeaten ten games in but I guess I'm not complaining. Despite my unexpected good start in still worried of the future only playing one 'big team' in those first 10 fixtures (Arsenal, and I only got a 0-0 draw with them from home) I've still got the likes of Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea yet to play and I'm just not sure how my team will handle them. 

I only made one signing, I picked up Emre Can for £15, fairly cheap, he had a good scout report, nice and young, and I just needed a defensive midfielder, so yeh. 


He's had a pretty decent start to his Spurs career, scoring two on his debut!! He's solidified my defence sitting just in front of them, he's currently first team over Erik Dier. 

I only sold two players, Nacer Chadli for £20m and Federico Fazio for £5. The £20m bid from Valencia was too good to turn down, he's was second choice to Heung-Min Son anyway and with the money from I could by a decent enough replacement, however I did run out of time to get a left wing replacement failing to complete the Draxler deal in time. After selling Fazio to Sociadad for £5m I instantly regretted it, not because I should've kept him, it was because I had sold potentially my 1st team Centre back for just £5m!! I really should've countered atleast £7.5-10m! Anyway I ended up not bothering to get a replacement for him so I ended the transfer window with £30m transfer budget remaining ready for the January window!! 

I'm not doing as well as I hoped in the Europa League winning, drawing and losing 1 each, losing notibally against some small Portugise team 2-1 with F***ing Adebayor scoring the winner.. Typical.. I don't even know why they've managed to get him!! But I did pick up a comfortable 2-0 win in against Saint Etienne. I'm now lying 2nd in the group. 

Im doing very well in the Capitol One Cup thought, just beating Liverpool 4-0 sending me into the quarter finals, that result gives me confidence I can beat the other big teams in the league so fingers cross this wasn't a fluke! 

Currently I've got two pending deals for January, Wanyama for £15m and Mirallas for £9.75m, are these good deals? Should I go through with them? Is there anyone else you would recommend rather then these, considering my £30m budget, Mirallas is a cheap needed back up for Son but he is older than I'd like (28yrs) and Wanyama is just a not needed but would be a nice signing as I belive £15m for him is a right bargain. I've also sent a bunch of players on loan, not really players I plan on keeping, maybe Onomah and Pritchard tho. 

Lastly the form of my current players: 

Harry Kane is my top goal scorer with 12 goals in 14 games, he also had the highest avg. rating followed by Alli. Eriksen has the most assists but it's only a total of 4. 

Potential departures:

Clinton N'Jie - hasn't really impressed, yet to score a goal as Striker from starts in Europa and bench appearances in league 

Tom Carroll - haven't really played him, stats don't look to good, got enough mifielders anyway. 


And my current tactics: 


I might change tackling to normal as I've already had two reds so far, rest is fine tho. 


Okay so thanks for reading and please leave any thoughts and recommendations in the comments :) 

-Oliver COYS



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3 hours ago, nick2528 said:

dont sell alli, he's a late bloomer on this! i had to buy him back

Yeh, he's definitely part of my long term plans, already impressing me! 

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4 hours ago, phila said:

Can for 15 million is a bargain. Might want to be careful playing him as a DLM - he has negative traits for that role.

Yeh i know, i was very happy to get him for that much! And thanks for letting know, if things turn sour defensively I'll know why. 

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