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Challenges The English Abroad Challenge


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The English Abroad Challenge

You've all heard of Benidorm, Ibiza, Crete, Malia right? Every year many English people go abroad to these places, some even end up living there but not many English footballers are abroad, this is where the challenge comes in...

You are a new manager searching for a job outside of England in 3 other countries, these countries are Spain, Italy and France.

Your objective is too primarily have a full English squad and clear out the countries trophies and move onto the next, kinda like how us lot go abroad and clear out all the nightclubs abroad, if you know you know..

But on a serious note here are the rules for the Challenge :)

1. 4 Nations must be loaded, England as the primary nation and Italy, Spain and France

2. You cannot manage in England, your objective is too only take players from England abroad

3. You can start off in any of the 3 countries with any team, this make the challenge seem easier but it isn't for example if you pick Real Madrid you think yeah i'll get through this quick, no that's wrong, you will have too lose your best players, Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema etc.. You will have a budget to spend but that's where the challenge comes in, how you spend it on what players are best to fit from England.

4. Once you have cleared out one nations trophies you can move on to the next, you have to apply or be offered the job in the other countries if you have not bagged yourself a job before the first game of new season after clearing out the country you were in, you have to resign and wait out for an opening.

5. You can only sign ENGLISH PLAYERS and you have to have a full English team therefore you will have to sell all non-english players which is more or less the whole team depending on who you pick. Any players that are non-english that have not sold shall be demoted to the reserves.

6. You can sign English Players from any where in the world as long as there first nationality is English. If a player is English when you sign them and later on pick there 2nd nationality for example they pick to play for Scotland you will have to sell them or demote them and wait for a club to purchase that player.

7. You get a 3 year window in each country to clear that country out! If you fail to clear a country out of it's trophies then the challenge is over! For example - If you win all the Spanish competitions available, and move on to Italy and fail to win the Coppa Italia in the 3 year window in Italy, you have failed.

Simple enough? Have a try, this will be my next story aswell after I have finished my current FC United of Manchester story.

Trophies to compete for:

Spain - La Liga, Copa Del Ray and Supercopa de Espana (probably the quickest country to clear out)

France - Ligue 1, Trophee des Champions, Coupe de la Ligue and Coupe de France

Italy - Serie A, Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana

If you want to make it harder, try and win one European competition each country (Europa League or Champions League)

Good Luck!

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So to confirm you have to sell all players in the pre season (or demote them) & sign a fully English squad? This sounds excellent ha. Want to make sure I fully understand it before I start though

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2 hours ago, Risheek said:

This seems like the Pride of a country challenge(originally continent, but someTimes modified for country)

I don't think so I've compared the both pride of country/continent you dont switch countries either, near enough complete different challenge.

48 minutes ago, Condo said:

So to confirm you have to sell all players in the pre season (or demote them) & sign a fully English squad? This sounds excellent ha. Want to make sure I fully understand it before I start though

Yes indeed :) Difficult but fun once it comes off, this will be my next story aswell.

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19 minutes ago, Risheek said:

Like I said, it seems. The theme is similar. You gotta win .... With only .... Players. Only difference to me if that you gotta change teams. To whoever wants to try this. If you start at a team in let's say Spain, try your best to buy English players already in the country. Coz if not you'll have problems of the, wanting to go back,etc. Seriously though,looks too much like the pride of country challenge. A few more changes would make it independent 

Well, I done this challenge back on FMH 2013 and it was a story aswell posted on here, so if anything those challenges are the ones similar to this but hey ho

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Just now, Ashez said:

Great idea mate :) 

This is like an extended version of pride of a country, really nice work :). 

Cheers Ash! :) It was the first challenge I made and did on FMH 2013 so I thought i'd bring it back, I attempted last year on 2014 with Marseille but I lost motivation to post so I just played the save in my spare time. 

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I profusely apologise about the triple post but would you be able to 'confirm' what teams we can choose as FMM doesn't specify top 8 predictions & it's tough to pick a team as it is! Ha

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