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Help Struggling againts some formations


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Hi guys,

Before I start, I'm sorry if my topic must have been in some other place rather than in a Help section.

Firstly I've tried to post it in a 'tactics' section but some error occured and it worked here. 

I'm struggling with teams which play 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 formations. 

I'm managing Liverpool and I play a 4-2-1-3 formation. You can see what player roles and team instructions I have given to my players/team. 

Basically, I have no complaints in my tacticts. I almost win all the games. ALMOST. I have no big difficulties againts top clubs. But I've noticed playing againts teams with formations I mentioned above is very hard. Even if it is a club at a relegation zone. Stronger ones are just a nightmare! My players are on superb morale, all fit, but those teams winning me easily. 

I play on enhanced engine.

Any suggestions guys?

Would be much appriciated!



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What I would say to do is swap the BBM and DLP as you have two players on the same line who can pass.  Maybe as well go with a TM in the middle of the PCRs though you lack width. Notice both formations you have mentioned use width heavily in the midfield and rely on it. Try changing the PCRs in the middle to Advanced Forwards so they drift across.


Basically you have a few options:

  • Take out BPD in CD so you have the clearance from crosses and play ADFs either side of a PCR.
  • Swap DLP so it isn't the same side as the BPD and play a TM, make goalkeeper distribution short.
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Thanks Dec! I'm a big fan of yours tbh :)

Something like that? 

I have taken BPD out and made it a CD so its less riskier. 

I assume that changing a goalie distribution to a short one would keep the possesion better, is it? 

Should I stay the same with team instructions?


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Sorry didn't see you replied.


That should do it yes. Maybe change Advanced Playmaker to an INF too. Depends on your player give that a go first though. Team instructions are fine.

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