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Career Leeds 2 The Top


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Hi my name is Jerino Trousz my aim for this story is to take Leeds United as one of the elite teams in Europe.


I am one of Pro League coach at Indonesia that never lose in any game, I like a play that passing in a fast tempo in the midfield area, high pressing defends and like to use my WB as an alternative attack. One day i got a call from Leeds United  that offering a job as Manager so i took it.

Leeds United 2 the Top

When I got there I've set my goal to  Achieve Promotion so the board gave me a transfer budget of GBP 1.4M and a wage budget of  GBP 171,000 per week for my ambition.


I've got a Team Report from the assistant manager : 

Strongest Defender : Giuseppe Belusci

Strongest Midfielder : Lewis Cook
Strongest Forwarder : Chris Wood

So.. I would like to use a 4-1-2-3 and 4-1-2-2-1 formation and have to bring my tactical vision to the Leeds United players, which is:
1. High pressing defends
2. High tempo on passing at midfield area
3. Hard Working WB
4. Strikers go into promising area (linked up play with midfield)

That means I will get my Tactical & Fitness training will be intense for my players and also a Motivational Training will be set high.

I will examine my tactics works after the game on:
1. How much Passing that made by Midfielder, WB or Forwarder
2. Pct on 2nd and 3rd Field 
3. Tactical review

How did I do?
I've got 2 friendly matches: Liverpool (Home) and FC Gronigen (Away) 


To be continued...

Edited by jerinoz
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