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I've had the last 2 Football Managers on the computer, and since I've started A Levels I got the handheld this year as I don't normally have enough time to sit down and give things a proper go. I'm in November in my 2nd season with Altrincham (went to Leeds Castle in Kent once, and had breakfast with them as we stayed in the same hotel, hence me managing them) and have started to hit a wall. My first season went very well, we finished 2nd and won the playoffs, going against all expectations. However, since starting in League 2 it has been a bit of a struggle - understandably! I played a 4-4-2 for the first season (G, FB, CB, CB, WB, W, BBM, BBM, WM, CF, CF), varying team instructions depending on how things were going. I can't seem to settle at the moment though - I won my 1st league game (using my 4-4-2) but haven't won in 14 games since (bar a small cup tie or two). I thought I'd go with a 4-1-4-1, and it seems to do alright, but I'd like something a little more solid. I'd like to play a 1/2 striker formation, definitely with a standard back 4 and 2 W/WM/DW as well (so not a narrow formation). Has anyone got any advice on how I could set this up, and more importantly what TI's I could use as well.


Many Thanks!

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Hi, what are your team instructions. Try a BWM and CM as your team is quite attacking - BBMs get up and down the pitch and normally struggle with low stamina. When you went up your team won't be the strongest so having no pure defensive players in midfield will harm you.

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