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A shortlist - 6 pacey defenders under 10 million


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Shortlist - 6 Pacey Defenders

Pace is a quality all of its own and is one that is often overlooked in a defender. A speedy defender enables you to play the offside trap without fear. A speedy defender can recover from mistakes. A speedy defender can nullify a speedy attacker. The list goes on but if its not clear, i love signing defenders who can match attackers for pace. So here is a shortlist of speedy centre backs who start off the game with a book value under 10 million.

6. Vida

One of the best value centre backs in the game in my opinion. Will set you back about 5 million but is he is green in all the stats that matter for a defender. He is in in his prime and could step straight into the starting side of pretty much any team.




2 months later on IT (Defence)



5. Mammana

A genuine wonderkid who will cost you around 5 million to get. He is young and not ready to start at anything more than a championship side and his stats reflect this. However his stats will explode over the next couple of years and he will likely be a staple part of your defence for at least 10 years.




4. Manolas

He is likely to set you back somewhere between 10-20 million but if you after a centre back who will not be pushed around by attackers such as Costa, then he is your man.



After 2 months of IT, he already looks like this



3. Sule

He is probably my favourite defender to buy at the moment. He will set you back about 15 million but starts with brilliant stats and gets even better and should go on to be one of the best defenders in the game. Has a rare mixture of great aerial and tackling ability coupled with extremely good positioning and pace. He is pretty much the perfect centre back (although I would prefer his teamwork to be higher). This means he will be a fantastic complement to any ball playing defender you have.



After 2 months IT (Defence)





2. Zouma

Chelsea paid big money to prise Zouma away from France and a quick look at these stats suggests he was worth it (even if in real life you might disagree). He will set you back in excess of 20 million but for a big club that is worth it when you consider you wont have to replace him for at least 10 years..



1. John Stones

Given an incredibly high PA and is set to be the best BPD in the game. He starts off with the stats to suggest this potential and with IT (general), he explodes. Count yourself lucky if you can prise him away from Everton for anything less than 30 million, but even then he should end up being worth it.



 With 2 months IT (General)





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What happened to under 10 million? I don't doubt the quality of those players, but not all under 10 million. I'm using Sule myself, he costs 20+m

Also images not working.

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Book value (ie the value they start with) is under 10 million- hence why i specify likely cost (which will differ to reflect the fact that its a sellers market).

Fixed the images - hopefully you can see them now

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