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Clear team / then pick team

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I was curious how the hell the pick team works? I was playing a challenge with man city ( getting out of relegation , lol) and was doing the clear team button then pick team button just do get done quick . First game they selected fernandinho as a striker . I was like what the hell? But any way I played the game as is , the bloody guy scores a hat trick against Liverpool and my team plays awesome . I kept doing the clear team/ pick team and it continues to select weird players in weird positions but I keep dominating . Can the auto pick team see something we don't. I would love to know how it selects it's players .


any feed back or thoughts ? Any one else find that the auto pick team is a crazy genius !!!



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I think auto-pick might work better because the in-game AI has all the info at it's disposal where-as human players are only relying on recommended position and player stats.

It's so frustrating when you buy an awesome regen and they are never picked but the team keeps winning.  

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i think its a shame the button is even in the game, personally i refuse to use it, what are you actually doing if you use this. Literally you are the admin assistant for your team.

Continue, Continue, Continue, Clear Team, Pick Team, Continue Continue Continue, rinse and repeat for 5 hours and bam you've done a season.

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I disagree, you still have to build and reinvent squads, keep players happy, choose tactics, substitutes and training.

Do you use attribute masking or are you picking and choosing which in-game assists to use the same as everyone else? 

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