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Legends On FMM16


Legends on FMM2016  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Legends: what would you prefer

    • Legends at starting club and young age
    • Legends at peak club and at peak age
    • Legends at retired club and at peak age
    • Legends at retired club and young age
    • Legends at starting club and peak age
    • Legends at peak club and young age

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FMM 16 Legends


Hi all and welcome to FMM 16 Legends, For this year's addition I wanted to create something good for you guys to download and with the help of Jack (UkFootballScore) we will be creating a massive database with legends from all eras.

We are hoping to put any from 200-700 legends onto a database with all players starting at the clubs they retired at, but there CA will be low which will enable them to move clubs easily without haven't to spend millions to purchase these players.

Here is just a few players that will be added.





There is only a list of 4 players as there is far to many to name but the database will be fully loaded with players from 100 years ago to players from 10 years ago, Work will start on this as soon as the PGE is available.

P.S Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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53 minutes ago, UKFootballScore said:

We'll be able to make a save for iOS users

Added a poll to be answered guys 

Brilliant buddy looking forward to it!!! It's got be stariting club young age lol there'll be some right gems at mediocre clubs that way :) just the way I like it

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Please add Boniek :). Im a massive fan of that guy and also add Dudek, these guys are Poland's best ever players ty in advance. Looking forward to this save

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