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Help Question re: new player/role traits


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Couldn't find this spelled out in the online manual and didn't see anything in this forum - can someone please explain to me how the new role traits on the player positions screen work?  For example, what does it mean when the traits listed change when I change the "currently viewed role" in the drop down?  And what does it mean when certain traits light up in green or red?



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Right, so the list of traits for each role - are those the player's traits or the role's traits?  If they're the role's traits, wouldn't that mean when they light up in green that's what the player does?


Just find the display confusing.  For example, if I set Sturridge's role to advanced forward, it gives me a list of six traits, and they're all green.  But then if I switch it to poacher, the list stays almost entirely the same (only adds "tries first time shots" at the bottom), but the top two in the list (gets into oppo area and moves into channels) go from lit in green to standard black.


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