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Challenges Semi Professional Home Nation


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The object of the challenge is to get a semi professional team in either ireland, scotland, wales, england or northern ireland to the top of european football. The objective of the challenge is to win a european cup and the european super cup. But there's a catch, every season you must promote at least 4 grey players from your reserves and must play 2 of them, loaning out the other 2. Of the 2 you keep you must play 1 of them at least 10 times.All of these players must be kept for at least 2 seasons before being let go. The final 2 catches of the challenge are that the coaching team you appoint in your first season must be kept throughout the challenge and you are only allowed 5 players from outside the uk and Ireland in your playing squad. Also as always no sugar daddy etc. Only unlockable allowed is disable human sacking. Also no coaching badges allowed at beginning.

Good Luck And Hope You Guys Enjoy It !!!!

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