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Hala's Iscout : Leonardo Miramar


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Iscout : Leonardo Miramar 

Name : Leonardo Miramar

Age : 19

Nationality : Portuguese

Position : SC

Role : Poacher

Potential Cost : £500 - 800k



This gem was particularly spotted when I was searching for good and young strikers in Portugal,Miramar caught my attention due to his value being incredibly low,yet his attributes are of a decent player and I guessed with a bit of IT,this lad could become a massive talent.

Leonardo Miramar on day one


After I used him from day one,he proved to be a real threat in the box as I played him as a lone striker in my save,his decent aerial abilities and strength helped him to overpower defenders and move into a promising position to score with tap ins,rebounds,deflections,headers and any other ways necessary.

Leonardo Miramar after 2 seasons with IT and regular game time


Unfortunately,I can't show you history for some reason,which will be revealed soon here on Vibe ;) 


Leonardo Miramar,the player that springs to your mind every time you're searching for an out and out young striker in Portugal,thanks for reading and I hope Miramar gets some spotlight at last and it's best if everyone try him out sometimes and reveal his results.Thanks.

This is Halamadrid ®


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